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We are blessed with more rain today which is greatly needed. I started to work on my chassis and ended up working on Pepe’s engine. It seems cleaning the stacks on the Inglese EFI requires lots of Mothers polish and some hard hand polishing to bring them back to the shiny state. I don’t often clean them but figured I would try to maintain them at least once a week from now on. If you let the aluminum go for a long period of time its takes lots of work to bring them back. The same goes for the Halibrand wheels. I have a power ball for polishing them but not for the stacks or manifold. Water spots are hard to remove if they sit too long. I usually cover the engine with plastic so the water doesn’t hit the engine but sometimes it gets through. I like the way Walt did his engine in Ruby — all  black. You simply wipe them down with a clean yellow micro polishing cloth and you are done. The front suspension on Pepe is also stainless and requires lots of up keep. I think I would use the black powder coated version the next time. The older I get the more I appreciate the painted look and the ease of keeping clean.

Today, I thought I would show some engines that are in our Hot Rods. Flatheads, Chevrolets, Chryslers, Cadillac, Oldsmobiles and Fords to name a few. Each person has his/her choice for power plants and they all look good when detailed. What is your choice?

Stay Tooned!


Since my blog is read worldwide, I have  been asked to seek some entries for “The 2016 Carolina All Deuce Run” being held in North Carolina on June 11, 2016.

Contact Bill Rhodes @ 704-788-1856 North Carolina or Danny Berry @ 864-328-5840 South Carolina for more information. The run starts from Cornelius, NC.

Deuce Run Promos '16

Deuce Days are everywhere this year so be sure to have your Deuce ready to enjoy the days of meeting fellow Deuce owners from all over the US.


The Havasu Deuces Deuce Day will be held the weekend of March 5, 2016.


Tom has captured the pristine Deuce sedan being guided into the show.


You Deuce roadster lovers will enjoy seeing all of your peer groups in these exclusive shows.



I enjoy installing the engines especially when using the Tilt installer. (Thanks Walt)


Pepe’s engine requires lots of elbow grease to keep clean. Edelbrock 383 Signature Series


The Cadillac looks good in the 34 with nice detailing.


I used the natural finish as done by J&P Deburring on my 48 convertible.


Walt used all black on Ruby which is my favorite look for these wagons.


Another favorite is the detailed SBC in Hugger Orange.


The flathead will always be popular with some folks and they do look good in early builds.


Some of Jimmy Shine’s work on the 29 roadster.


A SBC is a natural in the 40 Fords. Tim has done several with this look and they are show winners.


A blown flatty also looks good in this 33 roadster.

woodie engine 08' 006

My friend Gary knows how to detail an engine with paint and black coatings.


Bobby loves the flathead and drove this blown one to Canada last year.

Stromberg Kookie Engine detail

Norm had the answer for a nice looking Cadillac motor way back when.


The master of SBC detail, Roy Brizio, knows how to make them perfect.


Roy also installs lots of Fords in his builds.


Hand crafted air cleaners are popular with some builders.

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