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I spent the morning at the tire shop having some new shoes installed on Pepe to see if that would correct the front end pull to the right. Jerry, at the alignment shop, said the alignment looked good and the tire wear was due to under inflation. He was correct — the new tires made a big difference in the ride and handling of the Heidts front suspension. I had ordered the tires one size larger to raise the front end a little and that seemed to improve the ride also. The big problem came when the installers couldn’t remove the Halibrand knock offs. I remember we used anti-seize when we did the front pads but for some reason they refused to come loose. I told them to stop and I drove over to Donnie and Bob who removed them in about 2 minutes using a special wrench (BFH) and some muscle. I was relived and drove back to the tire shop where they installed my new Goodyear tires. I plan to take it back to Jerry’s to have him check the alignment after the new tires were installed. You can be assured I will check my tire pressure and tire wear at least ever couple of weeks from now on. Tires are expensive.

I am headed up to the Bay Area to visit my children and attend the Gary Meadors Celebration of Life. I am sure there will be lots of people showing their respect for the loss of a legend in our hobby. He left us too soon but left his mark as truly a “Goodguy!” He will be missed. I plan to visit some garages and will have some photos next Wednesday .

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to have some flowers and candy for your sweetie! She will be very happy that you remembered!!

Stay Tooned!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


They say — You will never forget your first real love!


The sun was setting as I finished up the clean up job after our long trip yesterday.


The new tires really improved the ride and handling of Pepe. I sure wish they would make another plain sidewall again.


I have owned two Nomads in my life and my last one was like this one save the wheels. I love red Nomads.


Tim has a fleet of Deuces and this sedan is a favorite of mine.


This eighties style roadster still looks go to me. I was and still am a fan of the DuVall windshield. Fiberglass was the body to own back then but that has really changed in recent years. The stigma attached to FG cars has killed the market for these beautiful Hot Rods.


Sherm’s photo of my first sedan delivery shows how well “Nellie” has held up over the last 47 years. It still looks this good.


I know some of you are still battling the white stuff so send me a photo.


This nice 33 sedan looks good with a slight chop and exposed engine.


Fat Jack built this 39 convertible sedan for a customer and I fell in love again.


Long time friends and fellow rod run buddies at the EarlyTimes Mid Winter run.

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