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Thanks to those of you who suggested to call SO-CAL as they do have the correct biscuits in stock for my motor mounts. I should be able to pick a pair up tomorrow when Bob-O and I head to Pomona.  With the hot weather, is difficult to stay in the garage, but I managed to work all day and finish the side engine mounts. I have never used these previously so I was eager to see if I could make a set. I looked at several ideas and decided I liked Cory’s design on Darryl’s roadster. I will mount them tomorrow and see how well I did. Trying some new ideas has always been fun for me. I like the learning curve as well as the design and fabrication that goes along with the project. You only need basic tools to complete most projects and you would be surprised at what you can do yourself, if you just give it go. My father was always making items that I would have never attempted and they always came out perfect. He was an engineer also and had lots of machinery to do almost anything. Long before CNC was available, you used your God given talent to design, create and manufacture the parts you needed. It may be easier to buy off the shelf items but that would be too easy. The weatherman tells us it is going to be hot for a few more days so I may get a lot done on the chassis. The X-member is next.d

Cruising for a Cure, a well worth while Prostate Awareness event, is going on this weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The event attracts thousands of cars of all varieties and provides something for all car guys. I am not attending due to another engagement but it should be a great day.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself.

Stay Tooned!




I like to see the yellow roadsters in a sea of black and red ones. I tend to gravitate towards these colors when looking at rows of Deuce roadsters.


Steve has built many award winning cars and this new 3-window will be his next one. The 5-spokes do it for me. His last roadster was a super looking car.


I made the sample for the side mounts extra long so I could fit it to the chassis. I need to put the motor together soon as it has been sitting since rebuilt for a couple of years. Some things take me a long time to do.


I don’t feature many Model-A’s but they are quite popular. This little coupe really has the “Look!”


Paul has the nicest phaeton around and this photo explains my comments. The best!


Ryan is a busy man with lots of customers cars waiting for his touch. This sedan sets perfect and I like it un-chopped for a change.


Some people have bad luck with the Hot Rods and end up with major damage such as this Deuce. Note the axle did not break but bent almost 90°.


Parked across the street from me at Wavecrest was this very nice 3 – window coupe with a full Kugel suspension. It looks like the one Boyd wanted me to purchase that Tim Wells built back in the 80’s but I don’t think so.

Tim Wells 3 window

I took this photo back at one of the NSRA events prior to Boyd purchasing the car from Tim. Note the differences to the one above. All could have been made except, I doubt he would have added door handles. (Circa 1983-4)


They are making progress on this custom 40 convertible at highway 99. If you recall this build it has quarter windows which are much needed in a 40 convert.


If you want a no nonsense driver with class, then look no father than a 40 coupe with a modern driveline and perfect stance.


Eric had me in mind when he penned this Speed 33. Perfect!!


How can you not like this view of a perfect 3-window with a QC and brilliant red paint!

Friday’s Photo


These two guys are having the time of their life driving the return road at the drags. Driving your creation is what it’s all about!!! Get going — before it’s too late.


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