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I receive lots of mail from my readers which contain some great photos of their rides and adventures. I am happy that people do drive their cars on outings and enjoy going together in a group. I have always felt that driving your creation (or someone else’s) is what the hobby is all about. Ever since I attended the first SRN in Peoria, I was hooked on driving your Hot Rod farther than the local drive-inn. The first time always instills a little anxiety as you don’t really know how your creation will perform on the long haul. I had a flat tire on my 3-window, but thanks to our group of friends, we had the tire fixed and were on our way. Cell phones and AAA were not in existence on that trip so my friends became better friends. Over the years and many trips later, I can honestly say I have enjoyed them all. Some more than others but I never had a bad one or a real troubling car experience. If you not going on some trips with your peers then take the initiative and plan one on your own. They are easy to plan. Pick a nice venue, make a dry run, invite the group and enjoy the day. You will want to do this often as you grow older as working in the garage becomes mundane after a while.

I actually worked on my 34 chassis the last couple of days and was motivated by going on our trip to Santa Barbara and seeing all those roadsters on the road. My experience with building a chassis in a jig has not been good so far. I seem to have some problems bringing the ASC rails into shape. I have used some heat and a BH to make the front rails perpendicular to the jig. I am sure it is my skill level but I am learning. I have built several on jack stands and square tubing but always used original rails. I should have some progress photos by Monday.

I have added some new cars for sale in the sales section so please take a look at these wonderful ready to drive Hot Rods.

Enjoy your weekend by taking the wife/girlfriend out to dinner and a little romance.

Stay Tooned!



This great photo taken at Mel’s place in Grants Pass, OR is one of the best I have seen lately. Some of the legends of the hobby are represented in this photo. (FB photo)


If you love Deuces ( and who doesn’t) then this super photograph should start your adrenaline running. (FB photo)


TBT— Delphine and John Skinner drove this 34 sedan delivery back in the days (1976). Delphine takes some excellent photos and shares them with Pewsplace. I will dedicate a future post to some of her work as well as her husband’s talents for building Hot Rods. Thanks Delphine.


The Early Ford V8 Club had a bad day in Brainerd, MN when the storm blew over trees which destroyed some beautiful V8’s.


This little 40 pickup was damaged severely by the large tree.


When you build a Deuce hiboy, this one being built by Tim Wells, is one to clone. What a nice profile ! (FB photo)


Ryan, of Reed’s Ride Designs, has installed the fenders on Jim’s 1940 Woody. Everything fits like it should. Oh what a Woody!


Delphine also shoots in black and white which I like as they look natural. I need some lessons in photography!


The people on the SB Pier loved Walt’s Woody. Curvy still looks great and drives even better.


I love the tubing tops people build for their cars. I am happy to see another phaeton going together. I wonder if Wescott still makes any of these beautiful bodies? (FB photo)


Noted car builder, Jim Smith, from the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, OK has ha right to be smiling. Delphine captured him in front of his bitchin’ Deuce Tub! Who needs a roadster when you can have a Tub!

Friday’s New Cars For Sale


Jim has a beautiful 1948 Ford convertible for sale. Have a look in the Cars for Sale section.


Allen has decided to part with his very classy 1937 Ford Slantback sedan. See Cars for Sale section.

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