Friday’s Fords

The tours from P-Town to Del Mar are on their way with stops along the route to do some garage crawling. I think this is the best part of going to Del Mar. Static parking versus driving is not my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at all the cars, but prefer the journey over the fairgrounds show. Perhaps the vendor display will provide some inspiration with the new products that are always premiered at these events.  New builds, which are also displayed at this prestigious venue, will keep my attention going for a while, but in general I can’t walk all over the Fairgrounds to see the cars. The display of Deuces and Woodies are about all I can accomplish in a day. I am unable to go this year but I am sure I will have some photos to share with you on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend!

Stay Tooned!




The chopped 36 taildragger with a deep maroon paint really depicts the early era of customs.


Terry’s 51 is a showcase of his talent. He is a master metal shaper with an eye for design.

49 Merc 004

Bills’ 49 is a local car that wowed the crowds during the past couple of years.

49 Merc 002

The side profile really is impressive with rain gutters still retained and tail lights mounted in the bumper guards.

Hot Rods

B A R trip to occidental 8-2-14 014

George could leave the fenders off his stunning delivery and have cool looking hiboy sedan.

SD3 023

I agree with him that the final profile with the fenders and QC peeking out below the gas tank is perfect.


Barry’s old roadster was my favorite in the 70’s. Bruce made it his and drives the car frequently.


That QC hanging out in the wind is showing the car behind him that he means business.


Pete’s Top 75 roadster has the look of a street racer ready for action. The car is still in excellent condition and I see in on the street from time to time.

Upholstery Ideas


While the cockpit of a Deuce is relatively small, this one looks comfortable. The Wanlass windshield makes it a tight fit for a tall driver.


The HRG built a signature Deuce and kept the upholstery simple but elegant. I hope the storm didn’t hit their shop.


Here is a clean early style classic interior in a 40 rag.

Friday’s Garage Crawl


Tim has owned more hot rods that most and currently has a nice collection of Deuces in his garage. The Mr. Clean garage is what my wife wishes for. He must spend lots of time doing the floors and keeping the Deuces spotless.

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