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The weekend will be full of activity for our “Back Road Boys” as we head out to the Santa Paula Airport for their monthly open house. We all enjoy a nice breakfast and tour the hangers which are full of interesting old planes and cars. I haven’t been in a few years but this should be a fun event. As you can tell from this blog, I like the driving portion of owning a hot rod as much as the building portion. Heading out on the back roads provides some exciting times that I can reflect on when times are not so great. We have very few bad days in LA but we do have a few.

I stopped over at Bob’s this morning to check on his progress with his 40 sedan. It seems like the upholstery jail has him in a bind. He has all the material, patterns and wiring complete but getting the person to finish the actual upholstery job has taken a couple of months with lots still not done. I hope I never experience this situation and I know sometimes you face that when you go with the low bidder. The people who command the top price for their work are probably worth it when you consider how long some of the less expensive places take to actually finish the work. Maybe the answer is do it yourself or pay the price and be done with it. Electrician Bob has lots of projects so he can keep busy but he is frustrated with the 40 sedan.

My garage projects have stood still lately as I have been working on Pepe keeping him in shape for the busy schedule so far this year. I now have some time to work on the frame jig and get it painted. The life of a retired hot rodder is not easy but keeping busy is not difficult for me as I create my own fabrication jail in my shop. I need to stay focused and produce some results.

Enjoy the weekend.

Stay Tooned!




Bill is spending the winter in FL and spotted this very nice 40 coupe. Classic styling will always be popular.


Traditional styling continues on the interior with your basic horseshoe pattern.


The dash is the owner’s style for his car and looks like woodgrain with modern gauges.

Roy's 2-18-2015 015 (26)

Roy continues to build the classic Deuce 5 window with his personal style. UPI will do a lot business with this body.

Roy's 2-18-2015 015

The end result looks like this and while the cost may be out of reach for most — dreaming is O.K.!


If you want the laid back windshield look without the Wanlass expense you can do it yourself as shown here. Precision photo


You simply slice the bronze posts and lay them back. The windshield will want to hit in the middle if you go too far.


Sam has had this project on the back burner for a period of time and thinks he may  be inspired to start putting it together.

Ardun 003

Being a flathead man, he has a nice Ardun head equipped engine ready to install. I will be following this build.


The MT products vented Lincoln backing plate combined with the 45 fin Buick drum is a great looking front brakes system for a hiboy roadster. I wonder what was done to the Buick drum to get it so smooth as they are really rough when you take them off the car.


Here is a rare CAE side plate for a Champ rear end. If anyone has any of these for sale let me know.

Looking Back on Friday


I know this will bring back memories to many of you. Trophy, timing tower in the background and pit passes tell the story.

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