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I spent too much time looking at the old Fords this week and didn’t accomplish my garage plan. “Ford Folks in Thousand Oaks” was a well organized event with some outstanding examples of Henry’s finest Fords. My friend Dave was a judge and got the full story on most of the cars he inspected. Most owners are well versed in what is a correct restoration according to the EFC and try to continue making improvements until then receive their Dearborn award. Others simply enjoy driving their old Fords and have fun while maintaining as much originality as possible with cars that are driven on highways and freeways. A Brookville body and fender roadster was made to look old and fooled a lot of folks in Thousand Oaks. I loved the rumble seat canopy top for the rear passengers. I have included a few photos of the event.

The weather cooled somewhat today so I finished mounting the brackets on the housing. I haven’t done a cross spring for a long time so I had to dig out my files to make sure where to mount the spring perches and ladder bar mounts. P&J offer these measurements in their instructions and I found they work perfect. I just tacked the mounts as I will wait to set the pinion angle and do the final welding. I didn’t narrow the housing as the 57″ width works perfect on a 34 chassis. I have even used that width on a 32 hiboy chassis without any problems. The 56″ width is ideal on a Deuce but the wheel offset will solve any problems a lot easier that narrowing the housing. Next week the front end begins – I think you will like the simplicity of design and functionality of the components.

Summer is over and it is time to go to work.

Stay Tooned!



The car was the hit of the show and it looked like a true Barn Find. Nice job! I need one of those canopies for display.


The “Patina” paint and logo were done with thought as to how a car would have weathered over the years.


A 1936 Ford Jensen bodied roadster was on display and was once owned by Clark Gable.


The interior featured a wooden dash and custom seating from Jensen.


A very nice sedan with General Jumbo wheels was cruising around the parking lot when I arrived.


A different sedan had this Potter trunk installed with bumper extensions. I love these and had one on my sedan in the 70’s.


This is the only Deuce roadster I saw on Tuesday. This was his dad’s roadster and he is restoring it while having fun. He has been over the country in his Deuce.


He replaced the SBC his father installed and built a nice dependable flathead to get him all the way to Canada and back.


A very stock looking 40 convert was actually a street rod with all the amenities installed where you couldn’t see them.


For you woody lovers, this Sportsman was looking good and waiting for the Judgement Day.


To keep my site in line with my love here is the RB’s latest coupe. They have the touch.


Here is a complete Brizio built Wescott roadster from many years ago. It is still stylish today. Steve and I both like this one.

Early Ford V8 Show Photos


Sam drove his classic Deuce over and parked in the modified section.


Dave was able to secure this primo spot with his non-stock 40 convertible.


As mentioned, there was only one 32 roadster in the show and this one showed up and parked on the street.


Ray had one of the nicest Ardun equipped, Ferguson aluminum block flatheads, installed in his primo 40 coupe I have ever seen.


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