Friday’s Fords

This home improvement work is sure boring compared to building hot rods. I have spent two days reworking my iron gates and painting them. They were not bad but Jane wanted them to be restored to their original condition when I built them 5 years ago. At least I am doing something with my hands even though the end result is not car related. My next project is the outdoor patio cover which should take the rest of the month. Where is a handyman when you need him?

I was searching Craigslist last night like I do every night and found my old Halibrand Champ that I sold in the early 90’s. It seems nothing has been done to it (typical) as the owner couldn’t find a suitable carrier for the unit. I noticed the price was very high for what the seller was offering. The difficulty in locating parts for these old dogs makes a Winters and easy choice today. Having said that, I still like the 301 unit and the side adapter plates that allow the use of early Ford housings. I fired him off a text telling him what I thought the value was and I never heard back so I guess I will keep looking for an early Champ unit. I think the Champ looks too big in the Deuce, but perfect under the model 40 roadster or coupe. My friend Larry, mentioned yesterday, that he has grown accustomed to the noise in his sedan equipped with a Winter’s V8 model and he just enjoys the music it makes. Now that is a true hot rodder.

Columbus GG’s is this weekend and is always a hot bed of cool cars from surrounding states. I should have lots of photos on Monday.

Collector Car Appreciation Day is tomorrow – July 11th –  so drive that baby somewhere you can be seen.

Venture over into the fast lane and see what that old roadster will do. Not over the speed limit I hope.

Stay Tooned!



Dave and his wife is happy with YaYa and she loves it in TX. I should have kept this one. This is one of the best driving hot rods I have driven.


Building a flathead today can burn some serious cash if you want a killer motor. Maybe a hole in the hood is required for this nasty set up.


Here is a close up of the Walden tie rod end treatment for hairpins. Nice work.


Here is our Roadster Boys at lunch in the Santa Clarita Valley. Joe is no long with us, but his son, Louie, is driving the wheels off the 33 hiboy.

SIEBERT 2014 014

Lou has one nice sedan delivery that he has held on to for a long time. Note gas door on the side.


ECI’s real Deuce delivery was a feature in TRJ a few years ago. Black paint doesn’t hide any flaws and this one is perfect.


A nice Deuce truck is under construction and promises to be a winner when completed.


Mike’s long time 40 hauler is still in good hands with his wife. This is the perfect shop truck. We miss you Mike.


Sometimes half our group goes the wrong way. Note turn arrow on the right. Roadster guys are that way ya know.


Comfort and style are all you need to say about a 36 Cabriolet.

Project 40 Woody Update 


EFI stack injection looks wicked on this nice little engine going into Jim’s 40 Woody. Ryan does some sanitary work.


Ryan, of Reeds Design has finished the chassis for Jim’s 700 HP 1940 Ford woody. Lots of details incorporated to handle the load when Jim wants to shake the timber. He can make it to Wavecrest before Walt with this car.


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