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The heat is really hard on the whole body and mind especially when you are trying to accomplish a task. Today, I worked on the brake pedal assembly for a 40 Ford and even though I had the fan running it was simply too hot to continue. We are supposed to have some relief but today was another record day. I could be complaining about cold weather in some parts of the country but I will take the heat any day. I have a few more photos from Roy’s and some from several readers. I always enjoy receiving photos and stories about cars from other parts of the world where modified cars are not necessarily legal. I know parts are hard to locate and expensive plus the registration laws with strict engineering rules make enjoying a hot rod problematic. Shown below is one owner’s three cars from Austria where Hot Rods are not legal. We have some strange laws in the US also but we always seem to “find a way”.

I would like to wish two of my good friends, Larry and Bill, a speedy recovery from lower back disc replacement surgery. They both have suffered like me for many years and now I hope the pain diminishes.

Stay Cool & Tooned!


Gerold sure has the stance correct on this woody. Maybe they won’t notice that it’s lowered front and rear.

He also has a high quality roadster going together that he hopes can become legal.

Gerold’s final project is a Chevrolet with a modern driveline and fresh paint. He has the sickness like the rest of us and there is no cure. Thanks for the photos and please send some more progress reports.

Sometimes Deuce lover’s have to have a later model ride. Glinda has fond memories of this beauty when she and her husband were on their honeymoon.

Forties are alive and well in NH as can be seen by this fiery example. A Forty and Flames are a match made in heaven.

Eric swapped the bodies from his blue roadster to a full independent chassis from Roy. No more bouncing on those rough roads.

He is building this one for his manager who lives in our area. This version will be a hiboy not full rendered as the blue one was.

Eric Clapton had a new project in process. A cherry 34 Ford pickup is going to be another nice ride for the famous singer.

Locally, we have a rare Deuce cabriolet undergoing a full restoration for a model 40 owner. The Porsche is jealous as he has no sunroof.

Another local tub is this 33 real deal. The Limeworks brought her to life and moved the seat back for more comfort. I need this one in my garage.

There is no shortage of Cabriolets and Phaetons in our area. Jim, how about the Mullins trailer? They good behind the model 40.

The 5 window is still real popular in the resto-rod style as is the Red paint. Note the wheel treatment.

Here is another 34 sedan delivery going together for a second time. Note louver panels in the cargo area. Ramjet engine should provide plenty of go power for those long Eastern roads.

Roy provided a delicious Hot Dog lunch with all the trimmings. Lunch time is popular with roadster drivers.

 Weekend Roadster!

I was unable to get a good photo of the front of this car so I will show you the one from Mike as he has the touch for photography. I watched the owner drive in early on Saturday from Monterey and recognized the car from the GNRS. Dave Simard built this stunning example for a Ford Motor Company executive. As usual with any East Coast Custom build, the workmanship was perfect.

The interior is functional and follows the “Indy” build theme. The side steering really looked well engineered. All the gauges were specially crafted to fit the theme of the car.

The engine is a 4.6 modular motor made to look like an Offy with stack injection and generator converted to modern EFI – alternator.

The undercarriage was flawless with the Culver City QC in a natural finished brining up the rear.

Gary crawled under the ca and took these photos for me. Note the torsion bars and disc brakes. Nice work.

The rear rolled pan was left a natural color which was a subtle difference than most rear pans.

Details were everywhere you looked and all components were nickel plated and perfect. Torsion bar front suspension ran through the frame rails.

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