Friday’s Fords

My number 1 daughter is in Sochi for the 2014 Olympic Games and is keeping us up to date on the event. We are very proud of her achievements as a Senior Director of Global Communication for VISA. She is gaining a lot of experience for such a young woman. I have her on the lookout for any Russian Hot Rods she may see. I am sure there are some around. We will be glued to the NBC channel for the next few weeks watching all the wonderful athletes competing for the Gold.

The Nationals are my Olympics for hot rods and this year I am planning on going back to the Big One in Louisville for one last time. I haven’t been in several years and look forward to making the trip. Driving is possible but flying is more probable. I have plenty of time to decide. Many of my friends still go every year and it would be nice to see them again… Sort of like your College reunion, only with cars not old girlfriends. I know the landscape has changed but I feel I would enjoy it as I used to. I hope to have a couple of my local buddies go with me.

My friend Gary who owns Monnich Embroidery just finished some new hats and T-shirts for me and I like how they came out. He always does a good job as he is one of us. Thanks Gary and Sharon. Now to get them photographed and into my blog. Don’t forget the 54th NHRA Winter Nationals is this weekend in Pomona. Start the year off right and watch a little racing.

Have a wonderful weekend and…

Let the Games and racing begin.

Stay Tooned!

Just when you think you have seen enough Deuces, one like this shows up on Facebook. Perfect stance and all the right stuff make it a keeper.

Sometimes the rear view is the best of the Iconic Deuce. Mo had one of the best in his days.

Doug built this 29 back in the 80’s and I always though it was one of his best builds. He builds one a year and he is in his late 80’s.

My friend Tom has owned more cars than most and is now on his third Deuce. He is moving on again after this one leaves.

Not often seen out and about Gene’s old sedan delivery has been around a long time.

Here is our Woody gang at Malibu enjoying a day at the Beach in late December.

Hot Rods need to be driven and this one is ready for a race. Fred Frame is a novel name.

Probably one of the all time great hand built roadsters is this Howerton-Lindig AMBR of a couple of years ago. A long time in the making but perfection takes time and lots of $$$$$.

Nice work on a column drop by SAR on one of their roadsters. Note the hand made gauge panel and the column bracing.

I always receive a lot of comments when I show some 40 pickups. This is an old photo but I love the color and stance.

Maine and Nova Scotia have some nice woodies also and this is one of them. The photo makes the door inserts look different but they are not. I hear there is another one going together that will be a winner also. Nova Scotia is cold this time of year so work may slow down a little.

I have been talking to Mr. Bill about just using a simple K-member like this one. Pete has been building this style since the 70’s and they work well on the street. P&J offer a nice one ready to go or make your own.

Saturday’s Voyage to the LARS!

Early morning fog on the way to Pomona for the LARS…Fifty years strong this June. Make your plans now as rooms will hard to come by. The Pewsplace Hilton is booked solid.

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  4. The black 40 wagon is from Presquile Me. It would be among the best if it were at Wavecrest! Gonna get away from the cold this week to spend five weeks of car stuff in Northport Fl. I can hardly wait!! SW Fl. is a hotbed of car activity during the winter months. Regards Bill

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