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As you know, I talk about Deuce sedans all the time and while I have owned a couple of them in the past I always thought the Model 40 sedan offered more in style and comfort. While not as popular as the Deuce, they make beautiful cars in any form you wish to make them; restored, full hot rods, resto-rods or patina style. You just don’t see many of them anymore at the shows I attend and I don’t know why. Perhaps it is an availability issue, but I don’t think so. I built a nice one in 1974 while living in Atlanta and my friend painted it black for me. I finished the car to the driving state, sold it and purchased a Deuce 5 window. My kids liked the Deuce better as it had a rumble seat they could ride in. My daughter still talks about that 5-window. The sedan went to a new owner in Florida who finished the car and had it featured in Rod Action in the late 70’s. I never forgot that car and I am partial to the model 40 Ford in any shape of form.

This weekend is full of racing but I will be hanging around the house doing very little other than watching football. Stanford showed Oregon the way to San Jose and Alabama may have their hands full with LSU.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Tooned!


Rich is enjoying his roadster and living the good life. Full independent suspension rides like a new Mercedes and looks cooler.

You can convert to having the top and roll up windows in a few minutes which makes it nice for cruising PCH to Santa Barbara. I do believe this is “Age Appropriate”.

Rich’s next roadster will be patterned after this one save the I-Beam front axle. What’s not to like about this model 40 with the same “Age Appropriate” features?

If you need the wind in your face and more room try a Phaeton for a change of pace.

If you love your flatheads but require the modern luxuries, then this one may be for you. Jim said it rides and performs as good as any SBC and MII suspension.

If you need more speed then a Chrisman built flatty should be on your build list. Bring $$$$!

I am in love with the new Winters QC as it comes complete and is much stronger than the old Halibrands of yesterday.

The weak point is the pinion cage which has been improved in the Winters designed unit. I did’t want the polish but the deal was too good to pass up. Now I need some 40 axle housings.

I prefer the Champ in the 34 chassis and the V8 in the 32 chassis. Note shock placement. I think the lower shock mount is under a heavy shear factor with this set-up.

If you like the drum brake look then this Lincoln unit should fill the bill. Note the fixture for assembling the front suspension. I need to make one of these.

A Buick drum/cover offers the standard look but seems a little ostentatious to me. Note the non-dropped Deuce axle and Lincoln backing plate.

Joe had quite a collection of great cars and this was one of them. Resto-Rod executed to the max.

Since my first Model 40 was a delivery I am partial to this one which used to be here in LA. A woody interior makes it unique and the Tacoma Cream wire wheels are my favorite.

Simple is best, like a 40 Ford, when it comes to making the Model 40 look classy. Head and cowl lights plus stock horns all date the style to the 70’s. Black/Blue is the right choice for these nice sedans.

I would not chop a Model 40 but if you found one like this it would be O.K. by me. Note absence of stock appointments on this Hot Rod 34 sedan. Maybe a shade of CMG?

Ryan is moving right along on Jim’s 40 woody project. His skills are shown above in cleaning up some problem areas. Nice work Ryan!

Friday’s Project Woody!

If you have a vision and talent you can start with a very rough 37 woody carcass like Gary did and make it beautiful. Some assembly required.

After several years and lots of hard work the Woody began to take shape. He purchased a wood kit and assembled it himself which is no small task.

After 7 years this is the outstanding 37 woody he built in his garage. Note the wood is 1940 style versus the 37 – 2×2 – side planks. Exquisite isn’t it.

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