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After driving this last trip in Pepe, I was more convinced than ever that the tailpipes needed to be moved to the rear of the car. The constant penetrating noise directly behind the driver’s door was not pleasing to my ears. I can’t hear anyway, but I could hear this sound too well. I called Frantic and asked him if he could find a spot for me to do the change. He told me to bring it over and he would work me in. I took the car over the next morning and should have it back by tomorrow. While I have it in the shop, I am going to install the front bumper so I will have a place to mount the front license plate (no trouble with the law). Dave thought he could cut out the bumper hole brackets without damaging the paint. I have been putting this move off but I am pushing my luck by not having a front bumper and license plate.

The 40 front bumper bracket has two holes that mount the license plate bracket. I wasn’t sure if I had a bracket but after looking through my inventory I came up with one. I will have to blast it and paint it black but the bracket has no pits. A man needs to keep inventory of these old parts as they are hard to locate when you need them. I am almost done with all the modifications to Pepe except for installing some new rear springs (the old ones sag) and painting the rear end housing shiny black. I may drive it to P-Town but I am still undecided about the trip since I will be gone for about a week. Parking in SF or Oakland is not something I would recommend to anyone.

The Santa Barbara Woody show is next Saturday, the 17th and I plan to meet Walt and drive up to the show in Pepe. They allow some non-woodies so he won’t feel out of place on the freshly cut lawn. I know the woody owners are nervous about the market and several are advertising their cars for sale. Woodies are not for everyone, especially if you purchased one as an investment. You missed the market for obtaining top dollar for a woody. On the other hand, if you truly enjoy the wooden cars and the wonderful events, forget about the value and focus on having a good time with wonderful people. The driving experience is worth every cent you have invested in the car. If you are in the market for a new Woody, now is the time to purchase one and enjoy Wavecrest in the fall.

Have a great weekend driving your favorite Hot Rod or Woody.

Stay Tooned!


Pepe has some nice covers over the bumper irons that Jim made. The holes in the bracket allow the placement of a stock license plate holder and is required by CA law. I never clean my inventory until I need to use the part. I need to change my thinking and start cleaning and painting parts so the wife won’t throw them away.

Fred did his usual fine job on the exhaust system. The pipes are set so they don’t push fumes up through the back door which is a common problem on deliveries. He was able to route 2 1/4 inches through the back but it was tight. The engine still runs strong and is much quieter inside. I can hear my wife talking to me.

Woodies have always been popular as shown in this old photo of the first Woody meet in CA. Can you name the spot?

Bob has two quality Hot Rod Woodies for sale. He is a known quality builder in Ohio and if you have an interest in one of these let me know and I will put you in touch with him. These cars are in the six figure bracket and are in mint condition. The 40 is a fresh car this year.

It would be nice to have both of these in your driveway. You and the wife could drive to Wavecrest in style.

If you prefer more of the stock style Woody then this Maize Yellow beauty might be for you. The car is basically stock with a nice flathead and Columbia for freeway driving. Have and interest?

I like the stock looking Woodies best of all. Here you can see the spare tire carrier and dual tail lamps. The owner is very meticulous about this car and you won’t be disappointed with the build quality.

Pepe and I drove over to Don’s Coffee and Kix Saturday morning for some good food and lots of neat cars. Don’s garage if full of memorabilia and history of his Hot Rod days. He hosts this event the first Saturday of the month. Thanks, Don.

I  was early and parked by the two stock sedans. Pepe was a show off with her flames and Halibrands. Needs a bumper in my opinion.

Don has a primo Mandarin Maroon 40 coupe that caught my eye. You can spend hours looking at the walls. He loves Marilyn Monroe.

I think he has every issue of Life Magazine that Marilyn appeared on the cover. Do you remember her? I sure do.

Here is the Chevrolet side of the garage which houses his primo 56 four-door.

The early crowd was just arriving and enjoying some fresh coffee and bagels Don had ready for us.

Question of for the Week ?

Who made these accessory steel covers for wire wheels? John F, I know you can supply the answer. The winner gets a free Pewsplace T-shirt.

Friday’s Deuce Roadster Dreams!

Here is a Bass built traditional style roadster with a SBC. Would this be a good style in this day and age? I think so. I have most parts in inventory and Bob-O has the rest.

Here is another style with a little more radical look but I kind of like it too. What’s a man to do?


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