Friday’s Follow Up

Jane and I have had a wonderful week so far and are getting ready to attend one of our all time favorite events, the Outriders Picnic in Irvine. Thanks to Walt, we have been going to this event for many years and always look forward to the next years outing. The venue is very private and provides a laid back day to look at the cars, renew old acquaintances, make some new ones and chow down on some delicious Tri-tip sandwiches. The cars are special and mostly of the pre-48 period but all types are welcome and we have seen some very high end later cars in the past few years. The spacious grounds provides lots of room so crowding is not required when parking your car. I would estimate that 400+ cars are in attendance which makes a nice landscape for all to view. The club members park by the lake and we can see the variety of taste the members have. Trees are everywhere so parking in the shade is easy for us light skin oldies. We set up our chairs and head out to have a wonderful day thanks to the hard work of the Outriders.

In preparation for the trip to the picnic and Wavecrest the following weekend, I am replacing the squealing brake pads and checking the booster for a vacuum leak. Pepe stops but not as quick as I would like him to. Sunshine stopped on a dime and gave you a nickel change with the same system (minus the big cam). Donnie, who worked for Wilwood, is coming over tomorrow to help me and hopefully we can improved the stopping distance by several feet. While I have the car in the air, I plan to do a quick nut and bolt check to ensure we have an uneventful trip to Irvine and Wavecrest next weekend.

The summer is coming to an end but the Roadster Boyz are still planning on some more day trips to some interesting places and car collections. Details are being worked out and should be available next week. Have a wonderful weekend and remember…

Life is a Journey so enjoy the ride in your Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!


Jane took this perfect panoramic photo with her iPhone showing the Roadster Boyz in Solvang. Quite a nice line up of hot rods.

Phil sent in some photos of his group of roadster buddies who were having a big weekend in town during the “Roadster Roundup”. I need a roadster.

Roadsters heading down the road or sitting at the restaurant having lunch always looks impressive to me. These guys know how to live. Forget the compact cockpit, wind in your face and sunburned arms your are “Living the Dream”.

Tim has completed another 40 coupe and this one has my eye. The front end sheet metal is installed as good as you will ever see. Great job Tim.

The rear is not to0 shabby either. A 40 coupe is as good as it gets in my opinion. Wheels will be Briarwood Brown to match the dashboard color.

My favorite sedan showed up in Pigeon Forge this past weekend. Henry drives the wheels off of his show winner. The great photo is by Tom. I see on Facebook that Walden Speed Shop is building a chopped Deuce sedan for a customer. I want one of these also.

Dave has all of his cars moved to TX and stored in his new garage. Sunshine is feeling pretty good about her new digs. You can just see her nose on the right.

I think this would make a fantastic chassis for my new SAR roadster body that I have located. Finding a real nice original chassis is hard today.

My next roadster will have fenders like this one. Gary, this is the one you like.

Here is an update on Project 40 Woody. Ryan has made a fixture for holding the fender in the correct position for building the mini-tubs for Jim’s Woody. 700 h.p. requires large tires to get a bite.

Ryan also had to replace the front cowl sections which were badly rusted. The Drake piece looks nice and saves a lot of time with the hammer and dolly.


I do like the 36 roadster when it looks like this one. Gary needs this one for Sharon.

Wavecrest Friday!

Joe is moving on to his other cars and has this beauty on the block. This is as good as it gets in Woodies.