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As I have stated many times, don’t tell me what you are going to do but show me what you did. Well, I finally installed the front bumper on Pepe. I complained enough about not being able to jack the car up high enough to access the bolts and thought much too long on how to overcome that small obstacle.  Jim, a fellow 40 lover and builder told me to build my own ramps out of wood to raise the car high enough to slide the floor jack under the crossmember. I had thought about building them but you know how that goes. This morning I was focused and stopped a Lowes on my way home and purchased some 2x8x8 and proceeded to build the ramps. I had an idea about the length but checked the Internet and found lots of good ideas. I completed both ramps in less than an hour and had the car up in the air before noon. The installation of the bumper is still not complete as I cannot access the two rear bolts to attach the nuts. Maybe Fred can assist me tomorrow if he is feeling better in this 100 degree heat. I felt the day went well and I accomplished my goal. I can’t ask for anything more except for the Broncos to win tonight.

As mentioned, numerous events are planned this weekend with the Harbor Run being on Sunday. I hope all of you drive your hot rod somewhere even if it just to the ice cream parlor. Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


I cut the 8′ board into 1-48″, 1-30″ and 1-18″ to make the stack as shown. The ramp clears everything by several inches and raised the car 5 inches. Thanks Jim for the inspiration.

Here is the operation which the HOA loves. I didn’t need to drive to the third level to place my floor jack under the center crossmember.

I am very happy with the look and think the car looks better with the bumper. The license plate makes me legal now.

I had seen this roadster at the GNRS but didn’t get a close up look. He had the top off during the P-Town show and I could see all the work that went into the car.

The Ford motor was a work of art as was the entire engine compartment. I think Moal started the three M/C concept. They make them easy to work on and frees up the exhaust room.

The interior was equally as detailed with custom everything. Lots of hours and $$$ in this build.

Another high end roadster is on the market for a cool $235K. I love the photo and the car.

One of my favorite sedans is Gary’s from Sonoma. He is trying to sell it to build a new project. It would be hard to locate a nicer one.

I normally don’t look at late model Chevy’s, but this one attracted me right after a big lunch. The workmanship was absolutely perfect. A young man was explaining the build to all of us and you could see his gratification when we smiled and complimented him.

The engine compartment was highly detailed as they seem to do in these style builds. The beef is under the cover.

A peek inside revealed an outstanding interior with all the bells and whistles.

I am still stuck on the stock looking interiors especially since Ray adapts the tilt wheel and makes it look good. Looks like a Chevy van column.

Friday’s Forty!

Besides the good advice on the ramps, Jim sent in a photo of his award winning convert that he built from a Desert Derelict. All of his 40’s are top drawer and winners at the shows. My wife drools over this one when she sees it.

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