Friday’s Focus

We are enjoying our stay in the Bay Area with our children and grandson. Sometimes it is nice to get away from your normal routine and do something new and exciting. Cars are a big part of my life but seeking new areas of interest are always worth the effort. We are on the museum challenge currently, taking in the Legions of Honor and the Walt Disney Family offerings yesterday. Both of these are well worth viewing as they provide a wealth of information in a beautiful setting, near the Golden Gate Bridge. It was interesting to find out that Walt loved fancy and fast convertibles during his time. Somehow cars always seem to be a part of a man’s life. Our trip continues today and I will bring you some more updates on Monday from the beautiful “City by the Bay”.

Many of you are at the RJ Revival as I have seen several photos on Facebook. Looks like a lot fun with my kind of cars. Maybe someday I can make it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s Moal Built Deuce has east coast styling and is nice change from the normal hiboy roadster.


The views from the LOH area are fantastic. The GGB shown above still is a magnificent piece of history.


Do we look like tourists? We are also tired from walking all over the place.


Jim has a new tub and drove it to the Deuce reunion in TX. He has added a new hood.


I have a soft spot for the 5 window coupe. A car with this look is what I have always admired during my love affair with the Hot Rod.


A five window has the look of a model-A with refined styling.


This was the 5 window that drew me to the Deuce. I used to watch this car run all over the place even when I was at West Point in New York. Harry seemed to always win with a car that was spotless.


Squeeg’s has a new roadster that looks like a winner. The 29 on Deuce rails concept is as old as I am and really makes a nice roadster.


Orange seems to be a big color on roadsters and this Adams built beauty explains why.

Friday’s Feature


A sedan has the look of a true hot rod when done like the above sample. It seems like more and more sedans are being built with this Hot Rod look.

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