Friday’s Flag

I was up early as I heard the rain coming down on the roof.  I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or the roof I haven’t fixed was leaking.  Once I looked out the window I could see it had been raining for a while.  The wife had reminded me to put out the flag for Veteran’s day but surely not in the rain.  I quickly showed and went for my walk in the rain hoping the sun would soon arrive which it did later on.  I installed the flag as a proud veteran should do and felt good about being an American.  With all the evil in the news today, at least we can be grateful for our American soldiers who fight to make our lives safe from the enemies we seem to have by growing numbers. I know some of them read my blog and I just want to make sure they know I am very proud and thankful for their efforts.  Many soldiers are hot rodders and I wish them a safe return home to enjoy their rides again.

I was in the mood to work on Andre again yesterday and spent most of the afternoon in the garage.  I seem to be able to loose myself in my garage.  I think many of you are the same way.  If you spend too much time worrying about the problems of the world and not enough time on your personal projects then life becomes very boring real quick.  Staying positive has always been a strong attribute of mine and as much as possible I try to look at the glass as half full not half empty.  I used to tell my salesman if unemployment reaches 10% we still have 90% to work with and those are pretty good odds.  It worked then and it works now even with record high rates.

The soldiers returning from war will need jobs and many of them are very skilled in the hot rod trade so give them a break and hire a veteran for your business.  If I owned my business today I would advertise for returning veterans with automotive training.  Owners of Deuces and Forties would receive special treatment if they drove them to work.

Have a great weekend and say thank you to a veteran.

Stay Tooned!


In my search for a 32 sedan this one built in the late 60’s, looked good but was in AL.  The ad reads chopped 3 inches but the photos look more like 4+.  All steel and rust free.

Larry is building the ultimate long distance reacher complete with his own hotel.  Where do you park this beauty?

Now this is a first class suite for the weary traveler.  I need to take a look at this ride.

For those of you who think glass cars are new here is a 1939 Pontiac built in partnership with Rohm for the Worlds Fair in San Francisco. Plexiglass was invented in 1933.  The car is still around today and in this shape.

As I have often stated, the 40 dash is subject to many different paint schemes by their owners.  The is a deluxe with a standard instrument panel, filled clock hole and woodgrained garnish moldings.  Looks good to me.

The 41-48 Ford chassis lends itself to dual exhaust better than most. SAR built this system and I think it might be the best I have seen.  Note crossover and transmission cooler.  Andre will get one of these coolers with dual inlets on the front.

This is my high school buddy, Dave’s Chevy when we were in high school in Decatur, IL.  Nice ride.

This used to be Ruby’s garage mate prior to John purchasing the Deuce from Walt.  This is a very nice car with history in LA.

SAR built this quality convert and you won’t find one any better than this one.  Subtle changes are everywhere on this beautiful convertible.

Tim the “Tool Man” put this one together on his show and I watch every episode.  This was a very rough convertible to start with and required lots of metal work.  Tim’s new show also has some neat rides he drives.

Today’s Winter Project…..dreaming!

In my younger days this would be a great project for me.  All of the hard work is finished and can build from a solid foundation.  Model 40’s made very nice rides.  What is that white stuff on the ground and firewood pile!

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