Friday’s Five Windows

Deuce 5 window coupes have always been a favorite of mine. My first car out of college was a clapped out 5 window with a SBC and 4 speed. I have owned several over the years and never grow tired of the body style. In recent years the 5 window has become almost as popular as the 3 window. Prices for a 5 window body can easily reach $20—25K for a pristine one. I have even seem them priced higher at the LARS where everything is overpriced waiting for the right buyer.

I like the car both as a hiboy and full fendered. I have never owned a hiboy coupe but I sure have an attraction to them. They even make a decent FG car if must have one.

Tomorrow is Roy’s shop party and Frank is going to take some pictures for me to share with you. This is another event you should put on your bucket list. I am unable to make it this year.

I am still in the take it easy mode so I continued to organize my tool box today…

Stay Tooned!



I am partial to maroon cars and this one is a very nice car. I think home built. Chop is perfect along with stance.


Gold is a hot color for some guys and this one was staged for a photo shoot at P-Town.


This was a nice FG car that a young man had built for the fun of driving a hot rod. Nice old style car at a fraction of the price. Note Corvette valve covers and ram horns…right on.


I never tire of a black car with 5 spoke wheels. The front tires look a little big for my taste but soften the ride. Note the 3 five windows in a row. P-Town has lots of Deuces to inspect.


Take your pick..3 window or 5 window. Roy built these two for a father and son team. In this case I would take the 3 window. See Brizio’s site for more photos.


My good friend Bob’O has the coolest 5 window in our town. Hammered 4 inches…tight for me to ride in but I do.


Frank is holding my vote for the Coolest looking hiboy coupe in town. Hammered 4 inches to keep up with Bob’ O


This is where Cam found the righteous roadster. They are still out there. Start looking and asking around.


Probably the best 5 window built in the last few years was JJ’s Champagne 5 window. The sheet metal on this car is perfect and straight. The picture was taken outside my hotel room in P-Town.

Todays 5 window…dreaming.


Built by Buba and now owned by Roy this Brilliant Blue color was Buba’s choice over Black as originally done by Roy.

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