Friday’s Finale

The darkness of the early morning made rolling up the windows and adjusting the top on Sunshine harder than normal. I knew heading up the coast in the early morning I would be driving in fog and cool weather. Jane was following me so I felt that someone would help me If I encountered problems on the trip. The journey to Paso Robles is almost 4 hours so I had plenty of time to do some dreaming. A convertible is noisy even with the top up and the windows closed. I solved the noise problem by hooking up my iPhone with earphones tuned to my iTunes account. Man I was living large this morning. The heavy fog caused the windshield to fog up but I could not figure out how to turn on the windshield wipers so I kept driving and trying all the knobs on the dash. Nothing would turn them on so I stopped and wiped off the windows when the fog lifted. The car ran perfect at about 70 mph all the way as there are no stop signs to worry about. We did have a coffee/restroom stop in Solvang but the trip went without an incident. The new owner lives on a large ranch in the hills of Paso and the final destination provided me with a challenge as my GPS said to turn right and my wife’s said to turn left. (I was right for once.) I still made another wrong turn and ended up in a Winery which was beautiful. I quickly called Dave and he said turn around and look at the house with the green roof behind me. We had arrived and didn’t realize it.

Dave lives down a long winding road with the beautiful hills in full view. I would not want to drive the road late at night but the scenery is magnificent. Dave was waiting and Sunshine was happy to be moving into the Ritz Carlton with lots of other nice cars to keep her company. Jane and I were treated to a tour of his wonderful garages and he explained each of his cars with some history. I truly enjoy listening to people who actually do love their automobiles and can walk the talk. Dave has the Bebee & Mulligan dragster that he displays at the Cacklefest in Bakersfield each year. I will go this year for sure to the Hot Rod Reunion. I explained the workings of Sunshine to Dave and Charlie and then we said goodbye and headed back to Pismo for a fantastic bowl of clam chowder at Steamers. I thank Steve and Chip for their recommendations as the place has excellent food and atmosphere.

I know Sunshine (YaYa) went to the best possible home Joan and I could hope for. We will miss her bright smile in the garage but the memories of Joan driving by with her many hats and the wind blowing her hair will stay in my heart and mind forever. Goodbye Sunshine (YaYa).

Stay Tooned!


I stopped in Solvang to clean the windows and purchase some more to drink. The fog had cleared and the Sunshine was allowing me to roll down the windows. She is pretty isn’t she.

Another wrong turn put me in the vineyards. I was now looking down on Dave’s estate. Lots of thumbs up from the workers at the winery.

Dave’s house overlooks the entire valley from 2000 feet elevation. They have a panoramic view of some of the most beautiful countryside in California. The garages are on the right. Sunshine had a wonderful smile on her face as we pulled into the garage area.

Jane was gasping for air as we looked over the miles of vines growing for the vineyard.

Dave and Charlie look happy standing by their new 48 convertible. I know they will enjoy it as Joan and Terry did.

Sunshine will have fantastic accommodations while resting in the showroom.

Dave’s pride and joy is shown here in the shop area. You can’t have too many motors according to Dave.

I had the Tuna sandwich and a bowl of clam chowder which Steamers is noted for. Thanks Steve and Chip. Jane liked the wine also.

Our view from the Steamers Restaurant in Pismo. Some days are really better than others when driving your hot rod. This was one of them.

 Friday’s New Dreams!

I have owned several over the years but have sold them all. I am still a big fan of the hiboy Deuce roadster.

In reality, a Deuce sedan is what I really need at my age. Mike can find the best Deuce’s around and sells them at a fair price. Right Dave!

I am really dreaming today. How long would this one take me. He has all the parts including some usable wood. Almost rust free except for rocker box. You have to start this way don’t you Gary M? Who knows of cheap, good wood for a 46-48?

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