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I very seldom enter into a conversation about traditional roadsters that someone doesn’t mention the word “Fiberglass” as if it was a four letter word. I have owned several 32-34 Wescott roadsters and two phaetons without any negative comments about what the body was made of. This stigma has been around since the introduction of FG car bodies in the 70’s. Sure we would all love to have the original Henry sheet metal or a reproduction metal clone, but that may not be in our budgets. I have watched the demise of the FG market over the last several years since Brookville came out with their primo bodies. Wescott’s are about the same price $11-12K so most people go with the steel version. Builders will even steer you away from the FG models noting the declining market value of completed cars. I think the reasons are threefold: 1.) The market demand for hot rods (as we define them) in general is declining. 2.) The DMV is some states require significant documentation and permits to build a “Kit Car”. 3.) A preconceived notion by many enthusiasts that they wouldn’t invest their money and time in building a FG hot rod due to the declining market value.

While all of the above may be true, I would not let a nice FG roadster, priced “Right” get away from me – Gentleman, now is the time to buy your dream roadster. For example, if a well built FG car cost $125K to build in the 90’s and can be purchased for $35 – 40K, that is a sensation deal in my simple mind. Even if the market continues to decline you could lose another couple of thousand but you would surely get that much enjoyment out of the car during ownership. You think nothing of loosing 50% on your new car after three years but we all expect our Hot Rods to appreciate not depreciate. Those days are gone for ever due to rising cost of building a car in today’s economic climate. If you can live with people asking you, “Is the car fiberglass?” then by all means proceed to go – and collect your dream. Tell the inquiring mind that you choose FG to save having to bondo and entire steel body to make it paint ready as is done by most competent shops today. I look at a car without any concern what the body is made of but that is just me. To each their own as they say.

I finished the front chin, skimmed in bondo, and will paint it Screaming Yellow tomorrow. I love the bondo work and hate cleaning the garage afterwords but I guess that goes with FG repairs on steel parts.

Stay Tooned!



Don built this beauty which I always admired even before I knew it was FG. He has the eye for traditional cars better than most. Wescott body.

Car Show 02

He followed up with this perfect example of an early racer “Mines Field”. Again, setting a new standard for a FG car. Wescott body.


SO-CAL employee, Mick Jenkins, built this 34 roadster and it was a winner from day one. GMT did a lot of work on this one. Deuce Customs body. NZ

Picture 007-1

Home builder, Gearhead Bill, built this Wescott roadster with a perfect top and drove the wheels off of it to the LARS. Wescott body.

shop stuff 029

Gary, built this beauty in the early 80’s and was a hit everywhere he drove the car. He still owns it and it looks as good as it did in the 80’s. Wescott body.

33 rstr GNRS 14-1233_4-4

He also had a hand in building this beauty that Tom now owns. What a stunning example of a nice 33 Ford roadster. Gibbons body.

silver1933 021

Roy also builds FG cars with the same high quality he is known for. I always liked this car and tried to purchase but was a little short on my offer. Wescott body.


Terry finished my dream roadster and the new owner is enjoying his version all over LA. Wescott body.


Barry Lobeck built a lot of FG cars during his career. This is his second roadster. Wescott Body.


He also built some Ridler contenders out of FG. Downs body.


Small picture but big car and a winner in the 90’s – built by Barry. Wescott body.


Adams Rod Shop in Georgia is the current leader in building FG cars that have the look. I don’t know whose body they use.

 Fiberglass Friday!


A Top 75 pick was Pete’s Limefire.  This beautiful roadster was a 90 day wonder featured in Hot Rod and the start of Pete’s successful career an eventual president of SO-CAL Speed Shops. Wescott body.

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