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I am running late today as this 90 degree weather in November has me thinking summertime. The pool man was wearing shorts, the trees are green and the lawn needs the attention of the gardener. Maybe Al Gore is correct. Global Warming is for real.

Enough of real life, today is a great Roadster day, so lets look at some neat roadsters. I really like old time roadsters and yes I know they ride bad and flatheads run hot… So What! I remember my youth with 25 cent gas and 10 cent oil. My 53 Chevy ran hot, used a quart of oil a day and was hard on gas. I still had a wonderful time driving that car. Build what you like and take your new Denali if you want comfort and air conditioning. Anyone can do that!


Stay Tooned!

Have a great weekend.


Hot Rod Reunion photo. 241 Hemi, Divco wheels, Duvall, QC, One of the best!


So Cal built old style with 327, bones, steelies with flawless paint and perfect fit and finish. I think Jimmy put this one together.


Don Smalls bad ass sounding hiboy. 327, 5 speed, QC and Wide Whites. You need to hear this one up close.


Walt Baynes, Potvin Cam Special. This is my favorite view. Model A Spring and Halibrand.


New Brookville made to look old. SO-CAL chassis, 327, 4 speed and nine inch makes this a nice driver.


Bob’s classic roadster, Hemi, Duvall with the best top ever made. Real deal if thats important to you!


Recently restored by the Stirneman Brothers in St. Louis. I don’t know the history, but this is a Southern California car that was well known in the early years. The car was beautifully restored, almost over restored which is the trend today.

Sneak Peek


What a way to start the weekend. Dual roadsters from Texas at this years Roadster Show. I believe they were built by Bruce’s Rod Shop in Spring Hill, TX. Very nice chassis with QC and all the right stuff.

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