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I know most of you have big plans and lots of resolutions for the year and I hope they all come true by December.  I have been setting goals and objectives for myself for many years and try to measure my accomplishments throughout the year.  Some years I do good and some years time just seems to pass by without any accomplishments.  I have specific target dates for this years goals and I thought I would share them with you.  My first target date was to drive something in the Pasadena Roadster Club Reliability Run which has now been cancelled for 2011.  I presume it is due to the increasing popularity of the event and the manpower and financial responsibility to handle the increasing attendance and spectators.  I have not reached Mr. Lacey for an official comment but will try to do in the coming weeks.  I really rank this event right at the top of what hot rodding is all about to me.  A super bunch of nice people and hot rods that I really respect the builders expression.  Maybe next year I can persuade them to hold the event again.  I am sure many folks would contribute to the event if required to do so.

Objectives for 2011

  • The first objective is to drive a car in the PRC Reliability Run which has now been cancelled.  I have a good excuse for not making this one.  Maybe next year they will have another one or someone will start their own Reliability Run.
  • The second objective is to drive one of my cars to the LARS in Pomona.  I have the cherished roadster cups and plaques from shows and would like one more.  I will report on this after Father’s Day.
  • The third objective is to drive a 40 to the Forties Limited show the following weekend and enjoy this great event in a 40.  I been attending this event for over 20 years and have only driven a 40 to two of them.
  • The fourth objective is to drive to the Deuce Day in Northern California in a Deuce of any kind.  I have not attended in a long time so this is the year to go.
  • The fifth and final objective is to attend the NSRA Nationals in Louisville where I have not been in many years.

As we go through the year I will report on my progress.  As my wife always tells me there is nothing wrong with dreaming.  She is always right.

Have a wonderful weekend and send me some photos of your garage scene.

Stay Tooned!


Roy built this Wescott beauty a few years ago and I have always like the look of a full fendered model 40 roadster.

The beauty of the 33 over the 34 is the hood reveals and slim grille surround.  The original 33 hoods and grilles command big dollars today even in the reproduction market.

The 33 phaeton is really a rare car but each year I see more and more of these showing up at the events.  This one looks like a stocker.

I am not sure I like the model 40 as a hiboy but they could convince me to own one.  This was a low dollar cherry pie at P-Town a few years ago.

Looking at the rear view the tank looks better on these than on a Deuce due to the  lower body reverse curve.

The 36 roadster makes a fine hot rod and stands out in a sea of Deuces and Model 40’s.  Gary would like this one for his bride.

A long time favorite of many people is the full fendered Deuce.  Note Bop Top, Firestone Dirt Trackers and big headlights.  Drive this one to Pomona and you will have lots of company for the weekend.

I know this will get your heart pumping for the weekend.  Thirty four 3 windows have long been on the must have list for collectors.  Tom is a big fan and has a couple in his fleet both hiboy and fendered.

A long time friend, Ron has owned this hiboy for many years.  He loves the Dirt Trackers and Americans.  Eastwood built the chassis and Fat Jack helped with the construction.  The paint scheme is from and early P&J T shirt.

Todays 40 Convert…dreaming!

A real survivor showed up at P-Town pulling a bike.  I loved the patina of the cool 40 rag.

Period perfect is the SBC with painted valve covers and cast exhausts manifolds.  I also liked the generator.

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