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I had a good day yesterday and felt I actually accomplished something on my cars. I fixed the taillight, installed the ground wire and the lights now shiny brightly. I installed the flex plate and it fit perfect except I will have to shim the flex plate to gain the required .125 clearance between the flex plate and the starter gear. Speedway offers a kit with various shims. I have never installed shims on the flex plate only on the starter. I am glad I found this out prior to starting the engine or there would have been a big interference. Finally, I mocked up the rear spring hangers on Andre and after looking at Bob’s will install them later today. I am having springs made to my specifications for the delivery. I talked to Atlas spring and they seemed to have the correct information to make the springs. I am using 47 1/2 eye to eye springs that are 2 1/2 inches wide and consist of four leaves maybe 5 depending on the ride. Atlas can tailor the springs to fit your vehicle. He stated that good shocks are essential so I ordered some QA1’s for the front and rear.

Somedays, a lot of little things finally become finished.

Please read this months Street Rodder and note our Hobby is in serious trouble if WE don’t do something.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and remember to take the hot rod for a ride.

Stay Tooned!


The flex plate fit perfect but is too close to the starter gear. There should be an 1/8 inch between them so they don’t hit each other well the engine is running and the gear is back in the starter. I am using a mini starter and maybe that is the problem.

TCI makes a complete kit for parallel leaf springs but I scrounged the brackets and use various parts for the remaining items required. I have used the complete kits but I don’ t like the harsh ride the rear springs provide.

The Woody taillight is completed and works as required for those folks in the black and white cars.

Here is the ground wire I installed to make the lights brighter and constant. I hid the wire in the loom and attached it to the frame with a 16 gauge wire and lug. So far so good!

I stopped by Bob’s to pickup some parts and he showed me his chassis for the roadster. WOW! I have not seen a Jaguar rear axle in many years and this one is detailed to the max. Chrome and polish with black accented nuts really stand out. I know he has a lot of time and money in the chassis but when it comes out this nice you don’t mind.

The front suspension is a Kugel with all the stainless, chrome and polish you could every want. This car should ride very nice.

The rear hubs are one off items that Warren finished up and chromed. They remind me of the early Boyd uprights of the 80’s.

Gary has been sending me photos of a sedan he is putting together. He located a good body that needed a top, which he had, so he decided to mate the two together and chop it 3 inches. No small task but he knows what he is doing. He is still working on the front post which is a problem so far.

The top he found was almost perfect and still have good wood in the top. I have a tack strip for a sedan that would look nice on this one.

Gary also has a nice 5 window that has already been chopped 3 inches and is awaiting its turn in the garage. Some folks can find them Deuces. His roadster pickup was featured in Street Rodder a few months ago. He does nice work and quick.

Today’s Chop…dreaming.

Kevin in Napa can chop a top and make it look easy. Here is a 34 he did for his wife a few years ago. The car ended up as a hiboy sedan which caught my eye. This looks harder than a Deuce but I don’t know I have never chopped a 34.

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