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Friday is the day that we all get together at the “Office” and decide what event everyone is going to. Saturday is the Monrovia show and Sunday is the Harbor show. Jane and I are going to the Harbor show as the venue is perfect for this time of year. Cool ocean breezes, beautiful scenery, lots of great cars and people. I have been going for several years and the wife always likes this show because she can walk on the beach and look at the beautiful houses.

I stopped by Frantic’s today and he was working on a driveshaft that had gone bad. I have never had the u-joints go out on me but I know is does happen. I understand the first symptom is a vibration and clunking noise when under load or when you get off and on the gas pedal. Fred has the experience to know exactly what is wrong and makes a quick diagnosis for the customer. U-joints can be sealed or have a grease fitting. If you have a grease fitting make sure you lube it every time you lube your car. The joints had been run out of grease and all the needle bearings had fallen out. Pulling the driveshaft is any easy task on most hot rods and the fix requires removing the old joint and installing a new one. Fred does this in his sleep while on his break. I would just say that if you haven’t checked you joints lately, now is the time.

The NFL kickoff game was not exciting for me but it was a good half time show. Taylor Swift is for me.

Have a great weekend, visit your local hot rod shop and purchase something. They need love too.

Stay Tooned!


In the early days of hanging around CSR and Boyds I soon wanted a one off car, a tudor phaeton to be exact. Chuck had a source in Corona for old Ford bodies and one rainy Saturday he and I headed out to the yard. At first, the owner said he didn’t have any sedan bodies but he did have the rear half of a tudor that was decent. Chuck looked at me and told me to purchase it. I did and that started the dream. Don Thelan soon found me a cowl and I was off to a Colmos look alike. I had Boyd build me a “Gucci chassis” and the dream went on for a couple of years. I finally gave up, sold the parts back to Don and ordered a Wescott roadster body. This project went on for a couple more years and I finally sold it to Jerry who competed for the GNRS award in Oakland in 1992 finishing second. I should have finished the phaeton project but time and money prevented the completion. Funny how your kids college education always comes first. Two children at the same time makes you slow down just a bit.

Ford never built this model but I liked the concept. Fat Jack built one for his dad but I can’t recall if this is the one. I think all of Jack’s early cars were black, maroon or green. He is one of the best for detail and has a great eye for stance.

This is a photo of a driveshaft that was ready to fall on the ground. Note chewed up end from no needle bearings or grease. You can hear this so you should never keep driving. Crawl under the car and watch while your wife puts the car in reverse from the park position. Fred said eventually the yoke will break from torque.

When you have the driveshaft out check the front joint and yoke for wear. This can be done visually and by turning the yoke to see if there is any play in the joint.

The cup is completely chewed away from grinding on the metal to metal yoke contact.

The complete joint as taken off the driveshaft shows extreme wear. Wear like this takes considerable time and you will hear the clunking noise and feel the vibration as the damage becomes worse.

Frantic had his delivery in for a once over after his long trip to Louisville. Nice ride and a keeper for Fred.

Steve sent me this beauty that is a local car. Bob O would like this to add to his collection. Note red wheels and white walls. Oh my!

Gary and I share the same love for original looking forty Ford interiors. Brian’s sedan has a stock dash and a period correct heater. Perfect for a 40.

I know they are not the most comfortable seats but they are the only thing that looks right in a 40 sedan or coupe. Henry would be proud.

Todays Roadster…sitting all alone waiting for completion!

Space is a premium at Pewsplace so Lucy sits in the welding shop waiting her turn. Someday girl!

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