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The day started out good but when I came home from the Office the garage door wouldn’t open. It seems the spring that helps to open the door had broken. I can not work without the door open so I made a call to the repair service and they promised to be out this afternoon.

The wife is gone shopping and I am alone at her computer. I vowed not to spend so much time this year on the computer in order to accomplish something in the garage but today is an exception to my plan…so here it goes.

Walt called early today and reminded me of the Wavecrest Sedan delivery and Woody meet tomorrow in Huntington Beach. This is always a good show and has now been extended through Sunday. I hope he takes some photos because I am unable to attend. I am sure “Sunshine” my old 47 SD will be there with its new woody interior. I sure miss that car. I don’t know of any other events going on but I am sure there are many. The season has started and I still don’t have a driver. Maybe I can ride with someone this summer.

Have a good weekend and enjoy you Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!



IHRS builds a very unique chassis. I think they started the beveled hole look.


This is a different IHRS chassis for a 350 automatic transmission using a K member. Nice for us guys who can’t shift anymore.


Cornhusker builds a very nice Deuce chassis for the later (80’s) look.


Frames wouldn’t be complete without a 33/34 chassis. This is one in a frame jig ready to go. The later frames are much easier to modify as they have a nice center x member.


Bruce’s rod shop also builds a very nice Deuce chassis. Note the 3 master cylinders. Bruce likes quickchanges.


I have seen this chassis under several cars including the background Deuce. Traditional styling at its best.


Vendetta Rod Shop in Detroit really has the set up for a stock frame. They build the rear extensions that look like Henry made them.


Roy built this very traditional 34 hiboy sedan. I could get used to one of these but prefer the Deuce sedan for some reason.


Maybe it is the rear view which doesn’t look correct to me. Fenders would work fine on this car.


Now this is more my speed. Heavy chop, flathead, T5, Winters QC and primer. Napa has some great cars and builders.

Today’s 40 AC… Tom does nice work.


Note how large the AC unit is. Fred said you need a big one to cool a 40 Ford.

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