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The weather outside is frightful in LA today so I will stay inside and write some good stuff about 40 Fords. I made it down to Orange County yesterday to view a very nice 40 Ford Tudor sedan. The shop has been converted to 50’s Speed Shop. I walked in the door and went back in time. The fellow has more Moon memorabilia than Moon does. The 40 was under a cover but I finally got a closer look at the car. I remembered the car from years ago at the Forties Limited show but had not seen it for years. The car is very well done with a beautiful Eddie Martinez interior in black and white vinyl. I was able to sit in the car and found it very accommodating for my old back. The car features a mint body with a modern chassis. The front suspension is a TCI IFS and the rear is a Lincoln 9 inch with disc brakes. The drive train is a 302 Ford crate motor with a C4 transmission. I am sure this is a great road car. The builder has taken a lot of time to make sure everything is done to his taste and the end result is stunning. I was not able to drive it but will make another visit after the holidays to see what I think. You would not be able to hide at the local bar with you girlfriend in this car. When I was in college I had a new red Corvette and had the same problem.

Steve, the car finder has purchased a nice little rust free 40 coupe and sent along some pictures for me to drool over. The car has not been touched since 1962. It seems the car was stored away in the Pasadena area for all those years. Nice find for a very good price.

Dave, Mr. T-Shirt sent along some pictures of some standard 40 coupes which he prefers over the Deluxe. I like both styles, but prefer the Deluxe.

I have to finished shopping today so that’s all for now.

Stay Tooned!


Happy Holidays and I am very thankful to Mr. Bush for the “Bridge Loan” to the automotive industry.


Time warp speed shop with a beautiful 40 Deluxe Tudor stored away for the future.


Rear shot showing Moon disc and flames on fenders. Very shiny paint even under the dust.


Modern 302 Ford crate motor with 320 H.P. Nicely detailed with minimal firewall reshaping. Cool Cadillac air cleaner.


Eddie Martinez tuck and roll interior. The best if you want this style. None better in my mind. Dash is unique with Covico original wheel and custom dash insert. Detailed everywhere you look.


Signature Eddie headliner. Lots of work to do this.


Steve’s find, a 40 coupe from the past. Very solid.


Front view showing hood which Steve will change to standard model.


Rear floor is perfect. California cars are hard to beat.


Front floor and dash are real solid also.


The man himself, Vern Tardell loading the new flathead in Steve’s truck. This coupe will be the best.



Perfect pair, a nice 40 coupe and 32 sedan.


Perfect 40 coupe for cruising to Big Bear.

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