Friday’s Features

Here comes the storm. LA is in for a big one and the topic was how do we protect the cars from the leaking barns and storage sheds that house our treasures. Most agreed that the “Blue Home Depot” tarp is the best bet. I have a new home so my inside treasures are safe, but the outside Junk will have to get the “Blue Tarp” treatment. Home Depot was busy with people buying traps and sand bags. I didn’t think I needed the sand bags, but what the heck I purchased 5, just in case.

Once home, I quickly covered the junk with the tarp and the rains began. WOW, I am a lucky guy. I have friends who leave their Junk outside so it will rust. How crazy this Rat Rod deal has become. Oh well, its Friday and I can relax in the garage and work on my roadster. I looked at the engine today, and must decide if I should pursue a used rebuilt engine or just step up and bite the bullet. Decisions, decisions! More on this subject on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend and get out in the garage…even if its raining.

Stay warm and Tooned.



This delivery got away while I was in a “sick mode” I should buy it back. The chassis was all done and needed a little body work to qualify as a street rod.


Here is another one that got away during that same period. It is close by and I can go look at the progress being made. Not much lately, but soon.


This Rat has the look. Bonneville racer slant chop, bias tire and steelies.


Rudy’s pristine 32 3 window. $$$$$


Nice 48 convert with full house flathead motor. Very detailed engine compartment with all the right stuff.


Bob’s very nice, rarely driven 39 Woody. He paid $35K and thought he got taken. I do too.


This would make a nice find when you opened the garage door. 1940 Ford converts are one of my favorites. I have owned 3 of them over the years.



I think this is me. This would be done except for the bare doors. I did run a 40 tudor with bare doors for a couple of months last year. Lots of conversation on how nice the bare metal looked. “When are you going to paint them?” Never, I sold the car with the other two above.

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