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Cold in LA today and a good time to get caught up on the activities being planned for the weekend. I visited Frantic Fred’s today and he mentioned a cruise through Pasadena with lunch at Coco’s on Foothill blvd. This is an annual event that attracts lots of good people and cars. I plan to attend along with the other thousands of people who will be on Colorado Blvd for the Rose parade. Should be fun.

Sunday is the Pete Eastwood Horseless Carriage meet that attracts some neat vintage cars that are original and great to inspect. Pete is very strict about keeping this a purist event and does a great job. I will have to leave early and dress real warm to view the cars. Jay Leno usually shows up in one of his beauties.

New Years day is Larry’s cruise to all the neat garages in the LA area. I have never been on this one, but Walt goes each year and brings me up to date with pictures. All of these events close and start the Old and New Year off in a good direction. I should have plenty of pictures to share with you next week.

I wish all of you a wonderful New Year.

Drive you car and enjoy life.


Stay Tooned!

Looking Back


Beautiful Deuce Hiboy at the GNRS.


Bobo’s cool 32 roadster. Always spotless.


Ed and I fell in love with this one at Bakersfield. Best little Hemi I have seen. Milk Truck wheels. Ed is probably building his as we speak. We lost Ed this year and we all miss him.


Reliability Run with Don’s super hiboy moving out for the long haul. Bell Auto was never this good!


Another one of Don’s creations. This car is flawless and has mechanical brakes.


Bob’s primer Deuce. Bob had this look before the current rage started.


Rear view of the Deuce. Bob has an extensive collection of Deuces.


Dual Deuces at Father’s Day this year. Bruce’s Rod Shop in Texas. High build quality.


Jeff’s beautiful 29 Track roadster by Moal. This is one of the best.

Sneak Peek



One of the best 40 Ford builders in LA. He builds one a year and sells them for big $$$$$. This is his latest super built 40 coupe with all the trimmings.

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