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I spent all day Friday looking at 40 Fords in Orange County. The cars were great and the weather was perfect. I used to live in Laguna so I am real familiar with the area and all the Hot Rod Shops. Most have changed over the last 20 years, but the buildings and memories are still there. I love Orange County. They used to say there is no life East of the I -5. Surfer Dude!
The first place I visited was Car Crazy in Orange. Chris has quite a collection of cars in his shop and one was a 1941 Ford sedan delivery. When I arrived he was just pushing it out so I could inspect the car. One look, and I recognized the delivery was the same one that came from my town several years ago. I know the car well and while not a bad car it was not the one I was looking for. Since I was close to CW Moss I stopped and looked at all the stuff in Harold’s place as well as Reid’s Auto Parts which is next door. I did purchase another Chassis Engineering front axle as they are my favorite. I selected the plain one as I will have my friend Doug do some different holes for me.

The next stop was Boyds old shop on Monroe where I spent countless hours in my long association with Boyd. The place looks good and there is a 40 Tudor for sale stored in the building where Cadzilla was built years ago. I was not able to see the car but I will go back next week. I did stop at California Street Rods, Scandinavian Street Rods and Dan Fink Metalworks just to bring back some found memories. What a trip. My last stop was Lindow Engineering to see Ed’s new 32 RPU. This car is a stunning, black, very straight, Fat Jack chassis, Big Ford power with a 5 speed and a Winters QC beauty. I hope to take some pictures next week and show you. I finally headed home after a long and tiring day in Orange County. No 40 delivery yet.

Gary thinks I enjoy the hunt, but after locating about 35 deliveries over the past 3 years I am finally burned out. Maybe next week I will start over and seek out a nice sedan or coupe.

Here are Friday’s Feature cars.

Stay Tooned.



41 delivery for sale at Unger’s in Orange. Solid old delivery that came from the Valley. Price is $20K..core only no motor or trans etc completely apart.


Pete’s Lobeck 41 delivery in Ohio. Price is $28k, but runs and drives. Appears very solid and straight.


Paul’s history Deuce. 1946 real Hot Rod with all the do-dads you can think of. Paul is a walking encyclopedia on Deuces and old cars in general.


Interior shot showing stock Deuce wheel and Lincoln dash panel. You could look inside for a long time and not see all the add- ons.


I don’t know is these are Artillery wheels or what, but they wobble a lot when he is going down the road. I believe they are 18 inches in diameter.


Rear view of the Deuce. Notice the Lincoln Zephyr taillights and accessories added to the trunk and spreader bar.



YAYA is my neighbors 48 convertible I sold her a few years ago as a Christmas present. Joan takes very, very good care of this car. Yellow with tan leather, SBC, 9 inch and Brizio built. Spotless.

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