Friday’s Feature on Monday

Friday is always a good day because I can have a donut at the office. Yes, old men need donuts to survive. Most of the office crew have a pastry of some sort on Friday. I guess it is like “Causal Friday” when I was working. I normally take some show and tell pictures of cars so we can have something to discuss. Opinions are very important to our group as they can find fault with just about everything…sounds like work. As you know, I have been pushing 5 window coupes this week rather than sedans so today I am taking pictures for our wall at the office. You see the Donut shop allows us to hang pictures on the wall for viewing and BS. Nice owner who likes cars and the business we bring him.

I don’t have much planned for the weekend and look forward to kicking back and doing some work on the roadster. I have all parts on the bench so I can hopefully accomplish something. Have a great weekend and …

Stay Tooned!



One more 5 window at the track. Looks like fun.


Phaetons are fun but not very popular today. I have owned two of them and they are very windy to drive. Real ones are scarce and pricey. I sure like the looks of them going down the highway.


Here is a stock version that was on ebay a few weeks ago. I think Paul is putting together a nice one.


Most people do not like hiboy phaetons, but I like them. This one was also on ebay a few months agao. Real deal.


Heavily chopped windshield make the driver look funny. Nice early shot someone sent me. The full tonneau cover adds class and security for these big open cars.


Another ebay from a year or so ago. This 33 has the look and sold for a reasonable number.


Blown flathead at Nicks this weekend. Do you remember the apple green era? Resto rods, Kelsey Hayes wheels and apple green were the rage. Tacoma cream was also a nice color on a black car.

Today’s garage…dreaming.


Jim’s garage showing his sign collection. More coverage on Friday this week. I missed the tour but Walt took lots of pictures of this huge garage.

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