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I think the world received another wake up call yesterday as to how important it is to operate within a budget.  The continuous spending by countries without regards to revenue intake can only lead to a disaster as we experienced yesterday.  On a much smaller scale building a hot rod can cause your household budget to be exceeded if you don’t plan your purchases wisely and prudently.  I have always had my “car fund” separate from the household expenses. If the fund runs low I quite spending and start looking for additional revenue that I can earn.  I cannot simply increase taxes to offset my spending habits.  I think the last few years have made a big difference to people who live within their means and those who did not.  Hopefully, all of us will survive this latest economic crisis and move on to more productive times.

The weekend is full of car activities in LA and I plan to take in some of our local events.  Saturday is the Wendy’s drive cruise in at “The Islands” and Sunday is the Elks car show and food feast.  I will take some photos to share with you on Monday. If all goes well I should be able to do some work on Andre this weekend as he is getting tired of Lucy receiving all of my attention.

Have a good weekend and take the Hot Rod and kids/grandkids for a ride.  If you don’t have any, then take your wife or girlfriend to dinner with the top down.  She will appreciate you more when you include her.

Stay Tooned!


Tom has used woodgraining to offset his lipstick red interior for a great elegant look in his three window.

Here is a survivor that shows at P-Town each year.  I love this old 40 rag and wish it were in my garage.  This would be my company car for the “Office”.  Steve has one of this tucked away in his collection.

A little 283 hooked to the stock driveline would last me forever.  I love the color matching blue engine and alternator.

Bob has a super nice 35 sedan and must be wanting a new ride as it is for sale. See LA Craigslist…..Maybe a roadster is in the works.

This photo shows how much work is required to build a Carson style top on a shoebox. A lot of hours goes into fabricating the tubing for the correct look.

I love junkyard parts and while Jim Cherry reproduced this alternator bracket, GM offered this smog pump bracket on some of their models in the 70’s.  They make super strong brackets that clear the valve cover.  Do you know what car they were on?  Let me know.

I love the 39 convertible sedan with the 40 deluxe front sheet metal.  He kept the 39 headlights.

Don builds woodies like most of us would like to own.  He does the work himself and the results are always stunning.

The 40 woody is the most sought after of Ford’s woodies.  This photo shows why. They are nicely sized and have a very attractive profile.  I can’t recall where I took this photo but it must have been near the beach.

Sandy and Bob think the 39 is the best of the breed.  They could be correct and this one is the best of the best.

Perfect stance and with rubber running board covers would look good in your garage.

The rear profile really shows the stance on this 40 coupe.

Today’s Hot Rod….dreaming!

Sometimes a real hot rod is put together with all the correct parts and this 33 is one of them.

The baby hemi sure looks good as do all the period correct pieces the builder selected.  Nice job!

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