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I have a great advantage over my friends in that I receive a lot of photos of project cars that are being built in garages all over the world.  I love seeing what people are doing at home and following their progress.  I post most of them on my site to keep the flame burning.  I have a few photos of Deuce sedan hiboy to show you today.  I think you all know that is one of my dreams is to own a Deuce sedan hiboy someday. Thanks Bob for your photos.

My son and his wife are here for the weekend and we are looking forward to having a good time and taking a ride in Ruby to Malibu.  The weather is fantastic and the sunshine is calling us to the beach.  I know of this great little cafe right on the water that we can stop and watch the surfers.  I don’t know if many other hot rods will be around but most of the time there are a few taking in the view.  Southern California has its fair share of beaches and I know most of them.

Enjoy your weekend and take the family for a ride in your hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


Bobby is painting his sedan Ferrari Fly Yellow and it should be stunning when completed.  I sure like his 46 delivery in the background.

The body has a lot of history and was a nice car to begin with.  The chop is heavy and looks good on the road.

Ready for paint and should be a winner when done.  Note small rear window due to heavy chop.

This is not the engine for the above sedan but is an early Cadillac with all the glitter and 4 deuces.

Dan has one nice B-400 in his collection.  Old Chester Gray with black fenders was a popular color on the B-400’s.  Painted Jumbo wheels look great.

Here is one going together in WI.  I think this one was made from a tudor sedan.

The Kennedy Boys did this one a couple of years ago.  This is the real deal from Henry.

The late Lynn Williams loved B-400’s and had this one for a long time prior to selling it a couple of years ago.

A Ford in a Forty is a welcome sight to many enthusiasts.  They are a tight fit unless you have a set back firewall.

Today’s 1934 Ford Roadster….Dreaming!

The youngsters were having fun at the LARS this year.

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