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It has been a long day and it is only noon.  I took the wife to LAX for an early flight and was back home in time for the six o’clock news.  I plan to prepare Lucy for the engine installation while Jane is away.  I will have to put the parts in the house to protect them and it is best if she is not home.  I hopefully can do the installation in a day and put the car back together and surprise her next week.

I had planned a trip to IMS for some supplies I needed and thought I would stop by Fred’s and see what he is doing in this high heat.  When I arrived he was talking to customers and going about 100 miles per hour.  So is the life of a busy Hot Rod Shop owner.  I looked at a couple of forty coupes that were in the shop and liked both of them.  I seem to be seeing more of the CMG ones lately and the little standard with cream wheels was very appealing to me.  Fred was finally ready for a break and we talked about the LARS and his experience this year.  Everyone agrees on one thing, the swap meet was the largest ever but really spread out for us old guys.  I hope all of those folks aren’t liquidating their inventory of precious metal.  I next visited the paint store and picked up my DCX61 hardener and then headed back to Simi Valley. A very busy morning but productive.

The weekend is full of car events starting with the Trompers swap meet tomorrow morning and the National Classic Car Appreciation Day in the afternoon at CLU.  I hope to attend both if I am able to fit them in with my other duties.  Sunday is the Long Beach Swap meet and the Camarillo car show which will be another full day for my old body.  I need to shake this sickness but can’t seem to stop attending these great car activities.

Have a great weekend!

Stay Tooned!


The CMG standard was visiting Fred and I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. This is your basic very clean 40 coupe in my favorite color.  The CA black plate is known world wide.

A very traditional gray interior looked perfect with the CMG exterior.  The Chevy van column was really popular in the 70-80’s before the huge aftermarket kicked in. Shall we do lunch?

The standard front end has deluxe headlight bezels to brighten up the overall look.

A very nice red 40 coupe had the hood up so I suspect Fred was working on the A/C on a hot day like today.

The engine compartment was clean and note how the firewall has been notched to clear the HEI.

The shoebox has been a long term project but it finally coming to and end.  Fred built new front suspension and added a ZZ4 for performance.

The Caddy looks go in a 40 coupe also.  The dual quad set up is perfect for the little coupe.

I need to call Harvey and see how he is doing.  His delivery has been in this spot for over 30 years.  Note correct rear bumper and taillight bracket.

Today’s Weekend Roadster and Coupe….Dreaming!

The lady looks cold but has on shorts so my guess is she is somewhere in CO.  Deuce roadsters go everywhere.

George knows how high a Deuce Coupe can go and still survive.  He is getting ready for another long haul next week.  You got love those who drive their cars and enjoy life.  I know those Magnesium Halibrands will not stay shiny for long.

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  1. Hi Lynn Oh those 40’s— Do you know what happened to my 40 sedan delivery that Gary bought????

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