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I stopped by the new proposed “Office” this morning and there was no place to park. I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon.  I did not stay long because I had an appointment at Frantic’s for a review of my “clunking” noise.  Fred was busy on the phone when I arrived and after the morning coffee he had me pull the car up on the rack. He quickly looked over the front suspension and went to his tool box.  He checked all of the control arm nuts and they were all loose requiring 3 or more pulls to tighten them.  He thought that might be the problem but after driving the car around the block the clunk is still noticeable.  He was busy and ask me if I could bring it back on Monday for some more checks.  Dave found that the brakes hoses were installed improperly and were leaking due to the hose hitting the coil on turns.  He recommended new stainless steel hoses to correct the problem.  It seems the GM calipers have a lip that does not always place the connection in the correct position.  I will take the car back Monday and have him replace the hoses.  You can always count on Fred to solve your problems.  I am testing him with the “clunking” noise.

I hope yesterday’s roadsters turned your focus to the LARS.  I know most of them are old standby’s but I really enjoy looking at them in person and wondering what it must have been like in the late forties and early fifties to be driving and racing these cars.  We have far better ones today as far as engineering goes, but I am still most intrigued by the old ones.  I have some more to show you as we approach the big show.

I am still receiving lots information of nice cars that are being offered for adoption and will try to keep them to a minimum.  There are still lots of people with money to spend. You just need to find the correct media to advertise your product.  The LARS is probably one of the best venues to sell a hot rod.  Buyers from all over the world show up for this show.  The Euro makes our dollar look anemic and many European enthusiasts come to Pomona looking to purchase their dream hot rod.  One word of caution to sellers… while you may find a buyer, finding an inexpensive replacement hot rod will still be difficult.  Having a car built or even building it yourself is going to cost way more than it used to. The cost of goods and services continue to rise and can drive the cost of a new build well into the 6 figures.  If you sell yours, look around for something that you can buy right and make it yours.  You will save big time and have instant gratification.  End of sermon.

Have a big weekend and take the wife or girl friend out to dinner in you hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


Yes, I like sedans also.  I don’t know who owns this one but I captured this photo a few years ago at Pomona.  I used to run the Moon disc on my 55 Chevy.

Nick was in the big show but he drives his cars and I am sure he will be driving it at the LARS.  This is a new build and very nicely styled with a So-CAL chassis and Brookville body which makes a good combination for a hiboy.  I bet Lenny sold him the parts.  The gaming business must be doing good in Las Vegas.  He also has a neat 3 window hiboy.

Yes, that is me drooling over Mort’s Deuce roadster.  I would rank this car number one in recent builds with the old school flavor.  I think Dave Simard had a hand in this build also.  The top is perfect as is the whole car.  I do like fenders on Deuces when they are this nice.  The wife even fell in love with this roadster.  She went back several times to have a another look.

My friend George is an excellent welder, fabricator, electrician and problem solver.  He is building a very nice sedan delivery with an Old School theme.  The fan on a flathead in a Deuce needs to sit where it did when it was stock.  George put together some pieces from a 38 Ford standard and a 56 Ford to make a super trick mount.  The pulley will mount a modified Deuce fan which should do the trick.

George is a perfectionist so he machined the shaft to the correct dimension, installed some bearings and presto he has a slick fan mount and three carbs all in one space.

George was kind enough to send along his parts layout which you should be able to duplicate on your own set up.

The finished product is very compact and looks correct for the engine.  Thanks George for you nice photos.

Waiting in line is not so bad when you have the scenery like this to look at.  There are those wheel covers again.  Start packing your bags.

Today’s RPU….Just in time for the LARS!

Dave builds some super hot rods and has decided to try his expertise on a period 40 coupe.  Like most of us, something has to go or we won’t have any garage space to work on our new project.  He drives his cars and this one has made several trips to LA and back.  If you want to make it yours or need more information, see the Jalopy Journal under the Classified ad section or contact Dave at

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