Friday’s Feature

The morning started off on a bad note.  I was watching the news and they showed a photo of a hot rod that was involved in a terrible accident.  The driver was killed as he was thrown out of the vehicle.  Memorial Day always is a bad weekend for auto accidents but not normally early in the morning.  I don’t know if the driver was headed to the West Coast Kustom event in Santa Maria but I suspect he was.  Wherever you go this weekend in any type of vehicle , please drive carefully and responsibly as I want you around on Tuesday.

A very tragic accident happened just a few miles from my house.  I did not know the car or driver.  Please drive Carefully.

Even with high gas prices many people are headed out today for the long weekend.  We have some local events that will keep me off the main freeways and hopefully very safe in Simi Valley.

Long before I started to modify old Fords, I restored them to their original form except for the mechanical brakes.  I added hydraulic brakes to my Deuces.  My high school buddy Dave, sent me some photos of one of his garage visits to a V8’r in his town.  I think you will enjoy the photos and appreciate the work involved to return old sheet metal into new again.  I have seen the cars at the National V8 meets and they are flawless.  I believe the fellows name who built the cars is Jensen a long time V8 club member.

Chuy’s is starting up again Saturday night and the wife and I will cruise down to start the weekend off in our hot rod.  We all have a lot to be thankful and I wish all of you a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Stay Tooned!


One of Henry’s best is the 39 convertible coupe.  The color is a deep maroon almost black/brown.

The convertible sedan is another winner and started my search for one several years ago.  The wife loves these cars.  You won’t find a better one than Jerry’s.

Why would you ever want anything more than a stock interior in these cars?  I think he did his own upholstery work.

Every 39 collector needs a tudor sedan to go on tours.  Remember what I said about sedans yesterday.

The 39 sedan has a great looking dash, steering wheel and heater that hot rodder’s rob for their cars.

Jerry is a busy man.  This 51 Mercury convertible will be in the same class as the 39’s as far as workmanship goes.  Try to find a clean 49-51 Mercury convertible these days.

Gary’s son has a new ride that will provide a very comfortable ride on his way to and from the events.

Today’s Model A Roadster…..Dreaming!

I saw Bill’s roadster last weekend at the Town Center and fell in love again.  He is a professional graphic designer and his photography is first class.

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