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The best thing about the Royal Wedding was the neat old cars that were in the procession.  I love the old Rolls Royces and Bentleys that royalty drives around town.  I have visited London a several occasions and being English, I love the city and the history of the England Empire.  I did not see any hot rods but I am sure there were some hiding on the back streets.  England has a lot of car lovers, one of which is Jeff Beck, who is one super guitar player and Deuce lover.  I do receive photos of the hot rods once in while from my viewers in England and they share the passion the same as I do.  I have a return trip to England on my bucket list for next year.

Back in LA we are looking forward to the Lakers advancing to round two of the NBA finals.  We have a good track record against Dallas so I am thinking we will succeed again.  We also have the Seal Beach car show this weekend and Sandy will be taking pictures for us.  She always enjoys this show and loves to win best Woody with her magnificent 1939 Ford .  I hopefully will have some photos and stories from Bakersfield to share with you on Monday.  I plan to kick back and do a little work on the roadster.  The ride in Don’s Deuce hiboy still has me motivated to start driving Lucy.

The hot rod season is in full swing so enjoy yourself this weekend and don’t break anything.

Stay Tooned!


Mike has several cars but this super straight 1936 Ford 3 window is one of his favorites.  H&H built a 276 cu. in. flat motor and backed it up with a T-5 which makes driving in traffic an easy task.  The car is basically stock with early hot rod equipment and a patina 20 year old maroon lacquer paint job.  Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this.  The background scenery is the beautiful central coast of California.  This one is a keeper and will provide the fuel for many years to come.

The topic today is 1937 – 1940 Ford pickup cabs and their popularity with hot rodders.

The 1937 pickup cab is different in the cowl area than the 1940 Ford cab.

This bare cab shows the change Henry made to the cabs in the cowl area.

This photo shows the 40 cab that has been chopped and blasted.  Note the cowl area compared to the 1937.

O.K. so this is not a good example of the passenger car front sheet metal installed on a 1940 pickup but it gives you the idea that it can be done.

The stock 1940 pickup has a beautiful front end and is much better looking than trying to make it look like a 40 Deluxe.

Black is hard to beat on the 40 pickup.  If you want to be different paint the wheels Tacoma Cream or Apple Green.

JR has one of the best looking 1937 pickups put together in a long time.  Workmanship is first cabin and it is painted CMG with his signature American 5 spokes.

Yes, you can even build yourself a 37 truck hiboy if you like.

Todays simple 1940 Ford pickup…dreaming!

Like its brothers and sisters you don’t need to do anything to a 1940 pickup to have a wonderful truck.  This understated pickup tells the story better than I can.

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