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Friday’s are fun for me.  I always love to go someplace different to look at some cars.  Today the weatherman scheduled rain and cold weather but that wasn’t the case this morning.  I headed over to Bob’s to see the progress on his roadster and go to the Carriage House for Coffee.  Bob O and Dick drove their cars and we made the parking lot look like a photo shoot for the Rod and Custom magazine.  The clouds started to come in about noon and I put Ruby back in the garage for safe keeping.  Bob O had installed a new radio with a USB port that allows him to hook up his Ipod and listen to over 500 songs he has downloaded.  These little devices are wonderful for long trips where you don’t have XM radio.  I want to install one in Lucy so I watched him install his and will order one for me.  He selected a Pioneer unit and it works wonderful.  The electronic age really is wonderful for us old guys.

Dick drove his 1957 Mercedes Gullwing for us to admire.  I had never noted the steering wheel prior to watching him enter his car.  The wheel tips down which allows you to get in and out of the vehicle with ease.  The car is beautiful inside with matching luggage, square weave carpet and leather seats.  You might recall Dick also owns a super nice Carson top 40 Ford convertible that he drives to most of the shows.  I don’t normally feature these cars but thought you might enjoy a look at how the other half lives.

The Trompers Swap meet is tomorrow morning and the Long Beach Swap meet is sunday along with the B&M Car show.  We are praying for good weather and a good turn out at all events.  Have a great weekend and…

Stay Tooned!


Dick was leading the group today with his beautiful 1957 Mercedes Gullwing.

Here is a photo of the steering wheel in the locked position.  The cockpit is very comfy and detailed.

This photo shows the steering wheel in the unlocked position for easy entry and exit.  An original wheel goes for about $5500 when you can find them.

Here are the three musketeers stopped at Bob’s for a peek at his new roadster.  Ruby was in the middle for safe keeping.

Bob O had the power parking spot to attract any new folks to our friday meeting at Bob’s.  He has installed the new radio with the USB port for his Ipod.  We call him hi-tech Bob O now.

Bob has his fresh black paint all detailed and standing tall.  The entire car was powdercoated and then painted with DCC9000 single stage urethane which has been buffed to perfection by Bob.  This baby is straight.

The hood and side panels are being finished buffed by the detail man and will soon be installed on the black beauty.  No more louvers for Bob!

I always rave about the 40 dash but the 39 convertible has a good looking dash also.  These parts are pricey and hard to find in good shape.  I love the heater which is missing one strip and the side stripes.  Forty Larry has these parts if you need them for your heater.

Bob happens to have an extra 39 convert or woody dash for sale.  If interested let me know and I will put you in touch with him.

He also has the window moldings that go with the dash.  These are not perfect but look good from the outside.

Today’s Deuce sedan….dreaming!

Boy this one gets my heart pumping.  Dennis better look out for a new build in Ohio.  The frame is a RB special with a baby hemi and all the unique items they install.  To top that off, the body is a rust free no patch panel original that is almost too nice to chop….Naw!  Chop it.  Read about it on the HAMB.

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