Friday’s Feature

If you are like me, you often push your hot rod out in the driveway to make more room in the garage for working on your other projects.  I had just returned from Frantic’s and was pushing the car out in the driveway when a strange car pulled in the driveway.  Two gentleman got out and introduced themselves as hot rodder’s from Nebraska.  They are visiting some friends in the neighborhood and asked if they could look at my cars.  I knew they were hot rodder’s by looking at their car shirts.  It is 80 plus degrees here, so I offered them a cold drink and we preceded to talk about hot rods and the old days.  I meet more people by driving an old Ford than a brand new Cadillac.  Their main interest was finding some old time hot rod shops in the valley and looking for hot rod cruises on Friday nights.  I told them of all the places I knew of and after a nice visit they were off to the valley.  I love new friends who share the passion for old automobiles.

I finally sat down to write today’s blog and due to the heat will make it short again today.  I don’t have any new photos or ideas to share with you so I will just wish you a wonderful weekend wherever you are and make sure to take you wife out for a drive tonight.  Jane and I are headed to Bob’s to see some muscle cars and maybe a hot rod or two.



Frank keeps me busy uploading his new rides.  He now has a nice pair of Deuces for sale.  Must be a tough decision deciding which one to drive to Bob’s tonight.

Sometimes Frank starts with coupes in this condition.  He seems to find all the Deuces that are for sale before anyone else does.  This one is in England.

Roy is ever expanding his business and found this 40 coupe in his facility.  That tape dust will clean right off the coupe.  How about those plates!

GM has sold a ton of these 350/290 hp motors to hot rodders.  This example without the water pump will set you back about $2700 at your local Chevy dealer.  I still build my own for a lot less and with a more aggressive cam.

A local car with all the trimmings and super built flathead engine.  Apple green wheels were the rage of the 70’s… then along came Boyd.

I have lost track of Chris’s Salt Flat Tudor, but I am sure he is making it a nice one.  The heavy chop requires a low seat.

There is something to be said about a Folkstone gray  coupe with maroon wheels.  Bob builds lots of coupes and some are not CMG.  This coupe will always be in style and maintain its value.

Sometimes our projects just sit while we dream about what comes next.  I like the bias tires on Dan’s beauty.

I think this 5 window has the perfect chop for me.  Not too severe of a chop makes them  a stunning hot rod profile.  I would call this one done and ready for Bob’s tonight to show those muscle cars what hot rodding is all about.  Pinks anyone!

Pete’s wife has her own hiboy roadster.  She looks happy to me.  Do you think the snow has left Ohio yet?

Today’s model 40 coupe….dreaming!

JJ had Pete build him a clone of “The Kid” and here it is.  I don’t know who owns it now but I think it is one of the best out there.

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