Friday’s Feature

The week has flown by and I have not got anything done. I know you must have those weeks also, so I won’t bore you with the details. I did manage to work on the roadster a little more and will have some pictures to share with you next week. GM had a retirement meeting for us old folks that my wife and I attended and I feel much better now about the future of GM. Read that as being positive for the economy.

This week has also been a wild ride on Wall Street and Main Street for all of us. I think we need to purchase more cars. We can at least have some enjoyment until the economy turns around and not have to worry about our financial partner going bankrupt. I am looking at a 40 Tudor and another 46 convertible that are completed cars. Jane will not allow anymore basket cases. Wife’s are funny that way.

Lets look at some cars and forget about the economy.

Have a great weekend. I am going to the Outriders Picnic on Sunday which is the “Best”. Pictures on Monday.

Stay Tooned!



From the JJ a nice start on a 3 inch chop. Sedans are the way to go.


Finished almost. Looks great so far.


Nebraska Deuce now residing in LA. Nice ride with a 2 1/2 inch chop and nice copper paint.


Deuces do not have much trunk space so a Mullins trailer is a nice addition. Scenery is breathtaking. In my dreams.


Another RB Hiboy roadster with the look of yesterday. I like it!


Nice primer RPU on HRHL. This would make a nice truck for the Streetscene Editor to have. He could haul the magazines to Toppers on Tuesday.



Yellow Hemi Deuce with super detail and EFI. Can you spell $$$$$$?

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