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It is still raining this morning and I needed to get out of the house (cabin fever) for some fresh coffee and BS.  The “Office” was crowded and I had to sit in a booth rather than the staff table.  Sometimes it is better to sit in the booth as you can hear what people are talking about.  Twenty guys all talking at once can get real loud.  Bob O was having starter problems on his 8BA motor and Fred offered to come over and do a diagnostic test for him.  I was going with the wife to the mall so I headed on home.  I was real close to my house when I felt a rear tire let go.  I mean it went down immediately.  I pulled safely into the park and called AAA.  I can no longer change tires by myself.  The problem with where I stopped it there is no cell phone service.  I had to walk to the top of the hill and call them.  The whole story could relate to driving your hot rod and encountering a problem where there is no cell phone service available.  I don’t carry a can of inflate in my new car but it would not have done any good as the tire cut the side wall… $225 later I had a new tire.  Somedays you need to stay in bed.

I had planned to go to Huntington Beach tomorrow, but I will wait until early morning to see if the rain has ended.  We have had a tremendous amount of rain so I never know what to expect until I look out the window.  I hope it is dry as Ruby would like the Beach with all of her sisters and brothers that show up.

I had several questions about the Moal heater.  I know Steve sells these units and they are really worthwhile for a roadster owner to install.  Phil commented that his unit which I featured, is a Vintage Air unit that he sent to Steve to have the front modified for Steve’s plenum and grille.  Steve uses the VA heater also in his kit.  You can read more about them on  He has a lot of very unique parts for hot rods and is a very nice guy to deal with.

The weatherman thinks it will be nice and sunny again next week which will allow me to go back to work in the garage.

Have a great weekend and drive the hot rod where possible.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the Moal heater kit that can be installed in any type of car but was designed to keep us old guys and wife’s warm on those cold roadster rides.  They list for $599 which is about what it costs to convert and restore and old vintage unit.  This is a 12 volt unit which is a plus when installing heaters.

Mike in Michigan could use a heater in his roadster.  Michigan is a very cold place in the winter time.   I wonder how those dirt trackers work on the ice on Woodward Ave.

Here is a perfect ride for the LSR next week.  Where do these guys fine sedans in this shape?

I am not sure how well a heater works with no top but it would help.  Barry must have had a hand in this one.

I know you would need the tonneau to come up to the front windshield to keep you warm with a heater.

I like the stock 40 heater for these big boys but the Moal unit would do the job with the top and windows up.

John knows cold in Wisconsin and has a place in AZ to visit when he is really cold.  This is a very nice ride.

The salt flats can be really cold sometimes and I don’t think the flathead would keep you warm but it might.  A vintage heater would be nice in this RB built ride.

Yes, this one needs a heater in the great Pacific northwest. I am not sure of the engine but I love the car just as it is.

Today’s heater….dreaming of my roadster!

Here is a photo showing the Moal heater in a SO-CAL roadster kit.  The unit creates a lot of questions …”What is that thing below the dash?”  You may have to shut it off after a while if you get too hot.

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