Friday’s Feature

I was just plain lazy this morning when I woke up.  I had planned on going to Bakersfield for the March Meet, but instead I rolled over and slept in.  I guess the thought of driving 100 miles and walking many more miles didn’t appeal to me today.  I always enjoy the event when I arrive but I will wait until the NSRA event to go to Bakersfield.  Walt called early and wanted to come to Da Rod Shop open house and NSRA inspection on sunday which I though sounded like a great idea.  I have not been to a car event in a couple of weeks so maybe I will get back in the grove this weekend.

Skot from Santa Cruz stopped by this morning and we did some bench racing while looking at the roadster.  He is a former GM employee so we had a lot to talk about.  He owns his own hot rod shop now and is doing fabrication, painting and body work which is what he did for GM.  I was thankful for him stopping by and we had a great session.  I love when people come over and just talk about cars and their passion for the hobby.  I am trying to persuade more homeowners to stop by and see what they are missing.  It is not junk I have in my garage… it is the beginning of a Picasso.

I need to put another coat of black paint on the engine today and take the manifold to the bead blaster for a tune up.  I plan to leave it in the natural finish as all the other aluminum parts have been done in the same finish.  I like to the OEM look in the engine compartment.

Enjoy the weekend and please take the roadster for a drive.

Stay Tooned!


I always liked this look….wire wheels, bones, correct top and a louvered trunk lid.

Kevin still set the bar real high when he had Pete build this one for him.  What more could you want?  Maybe a matching sedan hiboy.

Jim had the trunk full at a recent LARS event.  Bias tires made me take a second look and it was worth it.

Another Washington blue hiboy and bias tires.  Tacoma cream steel wheels are the right ones in my book.

John was at the 75th in Detroit and fell in love with this old one.  Can you name the windshield ?

If you require more room have Roy build you a Rat’s Glass hiboy roadster as he did for Poteet.

Every year this one shows up and every year I take photos.  Note early Mustang steering box and 4 bar mount.

The all brick houses in the background tell me this one is not from California.  I would guess Oklahoma, Ohio or Michigan.

Kevin has a nice roadster with an Eastwood chassis.  Jump in and have some fun with plenty of leg room.

Rory put together this special model 40 with lots of old time tricks.

Here is one I captured on the net and it appears to be the real deal.  Note front aprons that have been formed around grille.

The weekend hot rod couple…..Really!

Tim and his wife have been active in racing and building hot rods for many years.  She is in integral part of the passion for cars.  I think he is related to Henry Ford and has a small 40 coupe factory in Northern CA.

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