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I don’t know why but Fridays are special to me.  I am retired and everyday is my own but I always feel good when Friday rolls around.  I normally start at the “Office” to see where we are going for lunch and what events are happening over the weekend.  Today is bowling day for most of the group, but with my back, bowling is not an option.  I much prefer a trip to someone’s garage.  Today we headed to Mr. Bob’s garage in Pasadena to look at his new 40 coupe which I featured yesterday.  Bob is always in the mood to talk cars and has something new almost weekly.  The 39 convert was not back from Dave’s shop but my old sedan was parked in its place.  I am still kicking myself for selling that one.

The maroon coupe sure is nice and will make someone a great driver with a dropped axle and a SAC parallel leaf 9 inch Ford rear end.  These components have been tested for many years and provide many miles of trouble free motoring for the owner.  Bob O and I looked at the Ford collection then headed back to Simi as we both have Doctors appointments today.  I always enjoy my trips to Bob’s garage even at $4 bucks a gallon.  I  have another garage visit to share with you today.  My friends Gary and George from the Bay area visited the Legend of Danville, Tom Walsh’s Restorations.  I have know these guys for many years and they build and drive Hot Rods.  Thanks Gary for the photos.

I also learned today that Brain’s 40 standard is back on the market and will make someone a super nice nostalgic coupe with a Buick nailhead and standard transmission.  I will post some more photos of the car for you to see.  The hard work has been done and could be built to your specifications for completion.  If you have built a car from the ground up then you can appreciate the amount of work that has been done so far.

I am headed for the Doctor’s office and will keep it short today.  Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


The Danville Dukes was started in this club house which is Walsh’s Garage in Danville.  Note hose reel.

Tom is on the left and Gary is on the right so George must be taking the photos.  Tom has a huge well equipped garage and turns out some really nice hot rods and race cars.  Note the many Vidmar red storage boxes.

George is talking to Tom about who is going to buy breakfast at Norms.  Toms long time Woody is in the background.

Gary is helping Tom find the correct fitting from the large selection in “Tom’s boxes”.

Tom had his high school roadster in for some repairs and a real 34 roadster was also getting a tune up.  The creeper is for Tom to take his afternoon nap under the customer’s car.  He is dreaming about what to do next.  He even answers his cell phone while under the car.

Tom’s house has many different Museum rooms.  This is the Deuce room with the 34 Phaeton parked in his 3 window’s spot.  Note the display cases and the rear fenders off his 3 window.  Do think he is considering making it a hi boy?

Adjacent to the Deuce lounge is the Forty Museum now being shared by Droane’s 55 Buick.  Bob O has his other 40 coupe which Diane drove for several years.

In Tahoe you need to peek out of the garage this time of year.  Looks good to me and sit killer.

Brian has added a new firewall and floor to accommodate the big Buick.  Due to the size of the engine a bolt on CE IFS was added to clear the engine’s front pan.

Here is another angle showing the clean lines of the 40 standard coupe.  What is that white stuff behind the car?  I forgot to ask if the coupe has 4WD.

Today’s 1946 Ford Convert….dreaming!

I have known about this cutie for many years and should have purchased it but Gary found me a more completed one.  I think Mike has enjoyed his time with the car also.  They just make nice drivers and are very comfortable for us old guys….Stay Tooned!

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