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All plans for today had to be cancelled as the rain started yesterday and is continuing through the weekend.  I know I shouldn’t complain but I did have big plans for working on the roadster.  I have all the engine parts ready to go in the roadster and have decided to go ahead and make it a driver (not painted) and maybe I could then sell it at Father’s Day in Pomona.  I have had several deals but they all seem to fall through at the last minute.  I know times are tough and money is tight so maybe just finishing the car as a driver might entice someone to purchase it.  I have found another car I would really like to purchase but must make room in the garage for the new arrival.  I know their will always be another car for sale but sometimes there is one you would really like to have.

Since I couldn’t work in the garage I headed over to the “Office” for the meeting and we decided to go and have the Pancake Sandwich at The Carriage House Cafe.  The morning lasted until noon and I decided to come home and write my blog for today.  Dave sent in some photos of his 40 convert on which he is doing a complete rebuild.  The car is a rust free CA example of an early custom and Dave is going from purple to jet black with some stock appointments.  I think he is going to have a real winner in his stable.

I viewed pictures on the HAMB of the Detroit Autorama and it looks like a good turnout during these cold winter months in Detroit.  I think my friend Larry and his son David are entering their fresh Deuce hiboy sedan with a Lobeck chassis and chopped top.  I think they prefer the basement show to the main floor bling show.  Good Luck to the Father and Son team from Troy, MI.

Hopefully, I will have some photos from the weekend for you on Monday.

Stay Toooned!


Dave has stripped the Purple Vert and now is making it a black beauty.  This is not and easy conversion as everything is purple on the car and must be stripped, sealed and painted prior to reassembly.  Windshield has been chopped 4 inches.  I can’t see out of the car but maybe with the new Glide seat I will be able to go for a ride.

Dave took the doors off to paint the jams and inner doors.  This car is really straight, even in black.

Dave likes the custom touch and is trying out some of his swap meet finds.  This Hudson wheel would be cool.

Frank has owned his fair share of hot rods, but this little Model A has Bob O jealous until he finishes his A high school hot rod.

I know I can’t afford a Chrisman built flathead but if I could this would be the one for my 40 coupe.  How about over 300 horses to push you down the road.

Not to be outdone Jim has this little 40 coupe with all the motor you need plus maximum “Bling” to  draw you to have a second look.  I have heard of stacked injection, but stacked AC/Alt is a first for me.

The Miller Brothers have a stable full of beautiful woodies to go with their stunning 40 coupe.  I kind of like the 5 spokes for a change from the steel wheels.  I have never seen this car but I would think it would look good in my garage next to Andre.

Here is one Henry didn’t build, but Chris did.  He mated a 40 convertible cowl to a 39 rear and made a 40 with a rumble seat.  The metal work is flawless and you will walk around the car several times prior to discovering what was done.  A very neat trick.  Chris has the cars in his shop.

I don’t have room for all my dreams but would build a new garage for one like this.  The top is chopped a slight 2 inches and again the 5 spokes look good to me.

Today’s Roadster…dreaming!

I know it is raining in LA but my dreams are that I am running this little 29 at the Salt Flats.  This is not my photo but I credit the photographer for capturing the moment.

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