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I received a new issue of SRM and R&C this week and I think it is my age causing me difficulty with current hot rod magazines.  I find both publications, which I have subscribed to for many years, contain very little content that I can relate to.  I have reduced my subscriptions dramatically during the past year and I find myself reading the publications in the  grocery store or book store.  If I like the issue, I purchase it, otherwise I wait until next month.  I know that is not good for the publishers but it is good for me.  The internet provides me with all the coverage I need of events as well as technical articles.  I can locate them in a hurry with Goggle and have no storage problems with the bulk of magazines.  I only keep one year on the shelf, whereas, I used to keep 30 plus years in plastic containers in the garage.  I must have moved those magazines 15 times over the years and decided when I retired I didn’t need them anymore and donated them to Vista Publishing in Burbank.  I have a great memory of those books and used to be able to tell what issue a car was in and the name of the owner.  I have a hard time remembering my name these days but I somehow manage to eventually recall my past.  I am impressed with the GG’s publication and continue to be a member.  Some nights require sitting in the chair to get comfortable and I need a good magazine to read while watching the TV.  Retirement is a tuff life so keep working if you can.

Have a great weekend and drive the hot rod to the Donut shop tomorrow.  You will be glad you did.

Stay Tooned!


Frank is not happy unless he buys a new car every month.  He just drove this one back from AZ and is having fun with the ZZ4 motor and  primer painted Deuce.  I need to go over and look at this one.  I have never set in one with the windshield laid back that far. Frank likes to have a full fendered version and a hiboy in his collection.

He also owns this fendered version of the popular Deuce roadster.  This one has a flathead and is basically stock in appearance.

I don’t think Frank has had one of these rare birds.

My neighbor is moving to CO where it is nice and warm and never snows.  I think he is in for a surprise when the snow hits CO.  A very nice Deuce sits in clean driveway with snow on the yard.  It is a” warm cold” so they say.

I am a fan of these big boys also.  Maroon seems to be the most popular color on these cars and this one shows you why.  The wife is happy with cars that have roll up windows and a heater.  The stance is what make these large cars look good.  This one is right on the money in my mind.  I have owned three of them and I am looking for another one.

I have not forgotten about QC’s I just don’t think I need one anymore.  The is my style with the 40 housings and a Model A spring.  The disc brakes and knockoffs are a nice feature and about as cheap as building a set of Buick Drums and backing plates.

Bill purchased this from Dick many years ago and has been slowly putting it back together.  He brought it home in the back of a pickup truck.  Note wood structure of doors.  I know repo’s are not the real thing but the SAR and Wescott bodies are far superior to the originals.  If you put a SBC, nine inch and paint it Washington blue, does it reallly matter.  In my mind repo’s are real cars.  They go down the road and have the look of the real thing without the headache.  I know you don’t have bragging rights but you have a real nice car…maybe even a AMBR winner.  I think he should give it to me for storage.

Don made a Wescott roadster into a real show winner and captured the hearts of the model 40 crowd.  The car was an instant hit and several people copied him in subsequent years.  Good job Don.

Today’s Model 40 roadster…..I keep this on my wall.

While this is a drawing of a Henry roadster, the SAR one is a close as you would ever want to a real one and much, much cheaper.  Have your ever seen a real model 40 body for sale recently that was under $35K?  Lynn Williams took delivery of his second one prior to his passing.  He installed a stock firewall and front floors to make it more original.

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