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The 75 degree weather is bringing the cars out of the garage.  Yesterday Bob O and I headed out to Frantic’s to see what he was working on and grab a quick hamburger combo at Oldtimers.  Fred and Dave were working on a 50 Chevrolet pickup and were using Fred’s plasma cutter to remove the old firewall.  I have seen these amazing machines but I have never used one.  I watched Dave cut the entire firewall out in about 5 minutes using a freehand torch and the cut line is very smooth and would only require a clean up disc to make it ready to weld.  He has the large capacity unit which can cut 1 inch and he uses it to save lots of time and the customer money.  They are under $2k and well worth it if you do fabrication work.  I will get some pictures when they are farther along in the process.

I contacted Vintage Air and they told me exactly how to check for a no heat situation.  You must make sure the switch is moving the lever and if it isn’t,  you need to check the ohm resistance in the warmer to make sure it is working.  I am no A/C expert but I did what they told me and that was the problem.  I need to call them back and find out how you replace/repair the warmer switch.  Networking is what I have always enjoyed about our “Office” group.  Someone always has a way of helping you out.  Dave provided the schematic, which I learned is on VA’s site, and I traced out the wiring and now can repair the unit.  Thanks Dave and Mark at VA.

The Early Times has a run on February 27th that starts at Richard’s Wheel and Tire and comes to the Valley for some real interesting stops.  This is the 47th annual Mid-Winter Rod Run and is always well attended and lots of fun.  This group has been around for many years and put on some cool events.

I am working on Andre’s front suspension today and if I don’t fall asleep in the sunshine I should finish the job today.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Dave was visiting his convert at the body shop and this cool 50 Ford was also waiting his turn in the paint booth.  The section job on these cars is no small task.  Dave’s convert will be black vary soon.

Bob has another CMG coupe completed and it will soon join the long list of coupes he has completed.  Maybe Drake should hire him to assemble his new ones.  The color looks a little darker than Girlie.  Note Mercury wheels and caps.  I have a set that came on Andre.

The Deluxe front is my favorite but the standard has a big following also.  This one needs to be completed but will be an eye catcher with the color.  Black is good but much more common on a 40.

Long Beach always has some neat cars that are driven to the swap meet.  The license plate tells you the story.  A Lexus engine in a mint 5 window is indeed a rare bird.

This seat would look very nice in the CMG coupe.  It is hard to beat on original seat for the correct look.  A glide is more comfortable but needs lots of work to look correct.

I had a question of how would a 39 Banjo look on a 40 column.  Here is the problem as shown in this photo.  The diameter of the hub is much smaller than the 40.  I have seen spacers made but they don’t look right to me.  I changed to a 40 wheel and it looks much better.

Warren built this cherry pie three window which came out of my town a few years ago.  He chopped the top and you can’t see where is was cut inside or out…perfect.  The grille was also reworked to match the front sheet metal.  Jake would be proud of this one.

The rear has a rolled pan and a set of Chevy tail lights to go with the bias white walls.  Note the other one in the background with tank on the back.

An early morning shot of the perfect pair.  The Deuce is the real deal and very nice.  I don’t think you would need a three car garage unless you needed a 40 pickup or delviery to tow the cars to El Mirage.

Here is another 40 dash treatment that shows the A/C installed behind the speaker grille.  Gabe’s interior is high tech and $$$ but sure looks good in the beauty.

Todays Deuce…dreaming!

This is an Early Times member’s 5 window that I have seen often.  I don’t know the history but it has always been one I admired .  These cars are always in style in my book.  Maybe he will come to the Valley at the end of the month.  Red and White R&P interior looks really old in this one and Bob O loves that.

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