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Several people commented on the hiboy sedans and mentioned that they don’t look good with the gas tank sticking out. I agree, but I could get used to that. I dug up some full fendered sedans that should make you fendered owners happy. Fenders used to be outrageous to purchase but now with the repo stuff you can add fenders for only a few bucks more. Just a warning they need some work to make fit perfect but so did the originals. I was lucky on my first sedan the fenders off my 3 window fit right on the original chassis and required very little body work. Steve Davis spent about a day on both of them and they were perfect. He is the best in LA.

The weekend promises to be nice and Jane and I, thanks to Walt, will join the Malibu Woody parade on Sunday.

Have a great weekend and keep it between the white lines.

Stay Tooned!


The 80’s resto rod look is still alive in red. Stock height with a 4 bar and Mustang steering really captures the era of these cars.

Here is my old sedan at Del Mar a few years ago. The car was chopped 3 inches with all gennie sheet metal and a Bill Metz chassis from my 3 window. The same fellow still owns it and I see him every year at P-Town. Frank sold me this one and I let it get away for a Boyd roadster. Shame on me.

An old car with a recent update is right on the money. Conejo Upholstery did the interior and really makes the heavy chopped sedan look terrific.

The rear view really stands out in a sea of resto rods. I like the back window mail slot… not stock looking.

This one is O.K. and would look good in my garage. Pete has one like this that he drives once in a while. He can make the stock springs work like a dream.

My buddy and largest customer in my working days built this one as a hiboy and painted it yellow. Narod made it a full fendered beauty with an all aluminum blown Donavan. The car is back on the road and belongs to David Cook in Orange County.

Rear view shows a larger back window than the 2 inch chop. Steve Davis did the chop and you should see the welding seam inside and out…PERFECT! Narod added the tail lights but I would change those back and install stock ones. Eastwood did the chassis many years ago for Ron.

Julian now owns this sedan delivery (original Henry model) and keeps it going. CSR built this car for Harvey Aluminum in the 80’s and is still looks good today. McRae’s kit can make your sedan look like this one.

While not a Deuce this Oney built 33 sedan has the “Ohio Look” and makes a nice family ride or just more room for us old folks. Where are the hinges Bob? The profile on this sedan is killer. I want one like this.

I drug my buddy Bob ( yes, I have lots of friends named Bob) out to see this wonderful sedan and he purchased it on the spot. He also purchased an attic full of Deuce parts. You need to see this one to realize how nice the color (Porsche) looks in the sunlight.

Today’s Deuce…dreaming!

Black, stock height, Americans and sitting just right this tudor would rank right up there at any event.

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