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The wife and I have been gone all day to the GM Main Street event in Arcadia. I really enjoyed the ride and drive activities and will tell you more on Monday. The weekend is full of events starting with the Petersen Museum swap tomorrow followed by Chuy’s cruise tomorrow evening. Rain is threatened so pray for us. Sunday is a big show in the Valley supporting Toys for Tots and usually draws huge numbers of vehicles of all kinds. I am going to try and make them all weather permitting. Those of you with snow blowers come on out to California the weather is fine.

I hope of your have a great weekend and talk to you soon.

Stay Tooned!


Roy is my favorite builder of real hot rods. This sedan is a resto type hot rod but I really like it…cowl lights and all. Roy can make them all look good and go down the road with the best of them.

He has been using lots of woodgraining in his cars lately. I used to like this a lot in the 70’s. Heavy burl looks good with this style of the car. I am sure Sid did the upholstery to match. This is a very nice sedan.

I mentioned yesterday that Brian installed a heater for those cold Tahoe nights. This is a stock correct heated for the delivery and they put out some hot heat. I had one in both my convert and delivery and used them in the winter.

Probably one of the most photographed 5 windows around. Bob O has owned this one for many years and takes it everywhere. I need to cut a few inches off my legs to fit in this one but that is O.K.

I have pretty much given up on owing a hiboy sedan. This one was offered but the amount of work to make it like I want it is beyond my capabilities. I found several in this shape for a reasonable amount of money (under $10K).

If I sell Lucy (33 roadster), I am going to hunt for one of these that runs and drives. Bob O’s is still available if you are interested. The is a rust free all original California coupe that has a dropped axle, sway bars and 3:54 rear gears. If you are interested let me know. The price is $40K and worth every penny.

Tim is starting on this 40 woody and will give it the “Beford Forty” treatment for the Doctor. I can’t wait to see this one finished. Tim is turning into a little dearborn with his forties.

Not sure if I could go a week without a showing a nice hiboy roadster. Pat’s is one of the best in my book. I know Joe Nitti would be proud of Pat’s work.

Four door Deuce sedans make a nice hiboy ride. This little beauty really hits the mark for a cool ride. Bob O would like this one.

Today’s Forties…this is a real collection!

Steve has them all and they area all finished. I have seen each one of these over the years and I am proud to say he keeps them all in garages and pulls them out for us to enjoy. Thanks, Steve.

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