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Donnie has been working on a 33 roadster for quite some time and finally has it finished for the customer. The car was his fathers who passed away a few years ago and left it to the family. The car is original except for the body, which is a Rats Glass replica. The car presented very few problems except for the Bop Top and the Rats Glass body. The body is 9 inches longer in the cockpit area than a stock one which means the top has to be specially constructed to fit. Sid doesn’t offer a top for this combination so Donnie made it fit. The problem was that no matter what was changed it just didn’t look right. The solution was to take it back to Sids, a six hour drive, and have it re-done. I am glad I made mine to fit with the DuVall and the car never left my garage.

Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



Front view of top. This doesn’t look bad if you like a red top.


Rear view also looks good to me. I like the pinstriping on the trunk.


Profile is not good as top overhangs the doors by a couple of inches due to the stretched cockpit.
Sid will fix this and change the color to a dark red top.


The top had to be extended about 4 inches to meet the windshield post. No small task for Donnie.


Here is one Roy did a couple of years ago. The top is home brew and looks good to me.


Hi-Tech model with Sids top on Wescott body. The top looks right. If you would change the grille and running boards on this car I would park it in my garage. O.K., I would take it like it is.



Have a look at the Pinkee built Model A engine compartment. Lots of neat work has been done here. Note the cut out in the firewall with the rivets. Alan Cape an old friend of mine and former dealer owns this car.

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