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Suddenly, winter has arrived in SO-CAL. I woke up to rain on the windows and wet streets. I knew I should have painted some parts yesterday. The reason I didn’t paint is because the single stage urethane paint I use cannot be mixed in the new water base paint we are required to use now. I think I just as well concede and learn how to paint the water base stuff. I will need to select a new maroon to match the old stuff I have on the chassis. Sometimes I think I should paint everything basic black as Henry did and not worry about any designer colors. Rattle cans are looking better every time I price the paint at the paint store. I am heading to the Bay area next week so I called Tom to see if he could purchase the good stuff in his area and he said NOPE! I am putting the decision in the too hard basket until I return from the holidays.

This will be the last post until I return on Monday, November 29. I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Take time to spend with your family and stay out of the garage. It is O.K. to take the grandkids for a ride but be sure to come home early for the pumpkin pie and ice cream. We look forward to the holidays each year and never mind the drive.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Bruce will probably take this one for a spin on T-day. I have listened to this one run and it sounds great going down the road. He does drive his cars.

This was 3 years ago Thanksgiving. I drug this rust free sample home from Fresno with big plans. Allen has the car almost done.

You don’t see many beige 40 coupes but Mr. T-shirt had a nice one. His wife still has the car but I have not seen it around lately.

Lobeck sold this Moonstone Gray one to a fellow a few years ago. I always loved the color on this one and the stance.

Tom knows how to detail the inside of a 40 coupe prior to upholstery. I have ridden in this one and it is quiet. Nice job. He has a 40 pickup under construction now.

Tom painted his engine black and added red accents. Note VA front runner system. The polished Corvette valve covers are also a nice touch.

Former roadster owner from the central coast has one of the nicer fat convertibles around. We both sold our phaetons and ended up with old men’s roadsters. Do yourself a favor and try one you will like it. I did.

I don’t normally feature these cars but this real deal was done in a fine fashion with a little 4-cylinder engine and a Gilmore paint scheme.

Itchy had his hand in both of these cars. He can build the 50’s look better than most. I last saw these two at the Petersen Museum last year.

Today’s Thanksgiving roadster….there is only one and this is it.

I don’t know the value of a car like this but Bruce drives it for all of us to enjoy. Thanks, Bruce.

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