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I am a long way from Pomona but I can almost smell the alcohol and the burning rubber from the dragsters and funny cars running at the NHRA finals. This is the big one and the weather is perfect for racing. Several of the “Office” crew are out there today and enjoying the races. I follow them on TV and don’t have to fight the crowds.

I have completed the house doors and have now started on the patio decks (two) which according to the boss requires my attention. I think it is time to move to a brand new house and let someone else do the work, but I know she won’t be for that scenario. I have been thinking about moving back to the Bay area to be close to my children but so far it is just a thought. I lived in the Bay area for several years while working for GM and liked everything except the weather. Cold weather and rain are real prevalent up north. I do have a lot of car friends so the move would not be too bad. Housing prices are crazy in San Francisco and always have been. The best I could hope for would be a double wide in a trailer park in Oakland. It looks like I will be staying in LA for the foreseeable future.

I spent yesterday taking the inner fender panels off the Andre’s front fenders. Each bolt required drilling as they were rusted and would not budge without tearing the square hole the carriage bolt fits in. This is not a difficult job but does take time. I will haul them to the sandblaster next week. This is the final exterior pieces to be blasted. One good thing about the sheetmetal it is all very solid with very few dents and no rust through.

I wish I was in P-Town for the Autumn-Get-Together but I will wait for some photos from some of my viewers…

Stay Tooned!l


The 33/34 Ford Tudor sedan makes a great ride but we don’t see enough of them today. I don’t know why because they seem to be available.

The chop may not agree with most on a model 40, but this one doesn’t look bad. I don’t think you need to chop a model 40 sedan to have the hot rod look.

A body only was available for under $10K and looked like a nice one. Just add a new hot rod chassis and you have a roller for under $20K.

Under construction this hiboy version is starting to take shape.

Roy built this one a few years ago and it still looks good today. A fifties style hot rod with modern go power. Sid did the interior in blue and white tuck and roll.

Another hammered sedan with the racer look.

A recent feature in the Rodders Journal this SO-CAL built 4 door turned out terrific. The car has a slight haircut and looks great in black.

If you are lucky enough to find a stock frame they are easy to convert to a late model update. P&J make all the parts you need to build your own. A jig is not required but is nice if boxing the chassis front and rear. I did mine using a homemade jig.

My friend, the late Joy Mayall, loved 33 Fords and built this one in his garage. His daughter now drives it around Pasadena for all to enjoy. He just finished installing dropped spindles and the front fenders hit the ground. For Sale dropped spindles for a MII.

Here is a nice conversion that Henry never made. A C400 out of Colorado. Boyd built a yellow one and Walt owned it for a while and then I lost track of the car.

Today’s Movie….Sunday in Fillmore…be there or be square!

After many years the movie is complete and being shown this Sunday.

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