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We have a beautiful sunny friday in Southern California today. The wife and I are cleaning out the garage and doing some yard work. I love these kind of days. I pushed the roadster outside so I could have something to look at since the Woody left. I sure like my roadster a lot these past few days. The old saying,”absence makes the heart grow founder” is sue true in my case. I put the top back on the car and it looks much better to me with the top on.

The conversation this morning at the “Office” was about how many people have cars and parts stored away in their garages or storage spaces. I received some photos from Tom of a massive “Stash” of early Ford cars and parts. I don’t have any idea where they are or I would be calling about the Deuce sedan. LA is a large city and I am sure there are lots of places with old cars stashed away that the owner has been collecting over the years. Imagine what the US holds in secret hideouts in the way of old cars and parts collections. I don’t think many have been discarded over the past few years so start asking around when you go through a small town in your state.

The weekend is light for car activities. I plan to stay home and accomplish something…

Stay Tooned!


Here are some of the treasure’s that the owner has stashed away.

The rafters are full of parts also. I wonder how he finds what he needs for his next project.

I often wonder how you stack cars and parts. Now I know. Just keep piling them on top of each other.

Here is one for me. This mint looking chopped sedan must need a new home.

The search goes on and on and on! I don’t think he will have time to complete all of the projects but he will not be delayed due to no parts.

He must drive the 3 window to the local cruise night.

Yes, there is even a panel to haul more parts home from the swap meet or barn sale.

Dave likes customs and attended a show in Ocean City, MD, which had lots of custom cars. This shoebox was right on the East Coast style.

Some people call this a custom car. When I was young I would have called this a hot rod and still think so today. I love 40 coupes in any shape or form.

Not quite like my Chevy but close. The color was almost the same but the car was a hardtop.

Today’s 40 coupe….For Sale!

I need to find a home for this rust free example of a 40 coupe. Completely stock except for a dropped axle. Let me know if you have any interest. He really wants a sedan.

This is why I love Southern California. The 40 coupe would fit right in with the Woodies.

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